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Food Plot

Posted by ElevenSpot , 19 February 2010 · 333 views

The snow please melt and go away
Well up here in indiana I am waiting for the darn snow too melt so I can mow down a two acre pasture to put a food plot in. Over the past 5 years most of our 500+ acres we hunted on got bought up by some amatuer outfitters so we now scramble every year to find a nice spot to hunt. I recently purchased a house on 10 acres and that's all I have to hunt on. I seen some nice bucks in the area but have been unable to harvest them. In the area there are a lot if crops so I want to make a food plot that will give them something else to munch on. I'm thinking about using Antler King or another product if anyone might have a suggestion or a few tips I would really appreciate them

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