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Getting Ready For The Food Plot

Posted by ElevenSpot , 02 March 2010 · 1,193 views

Well sping is just around the corner and the temp keeps on coming up. In Indiana where i live the temps are going to be in the upper 40's and lower 50's this coming week. If i can get a few days with no rain im going to try to burn my 2 acre pasture down to the dirt so I can get the disc on it. Ill probably disc it up a few times and use my blade to take some of the dirt out to try and get rid of some of the grass that may still be able to grow. Im thinking about using a couple of different seed types to see what works best. I will definately be putting in a 1/4 acre of turnips in. I built a 8x8 hunting blind last year that sits on the east side of the area that i can cover most of the plot with my bow. Lately we have been seeing a group of does that consist of 5 adults and 6 or 7 yearlings. Last season I only seen 5 different bucks in the area 2 of which would probably go 170+ and the rest were 120-150 young bucks. As far as I know only one of which was harvested. When i get my next day off I will be walking the area to look for sheds and dead deer. Hopefully I will find sheds and no dead deer.

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