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Value Of Bear Patriot Bow

Posted by Marksf , 24 December 2012 · 1,863 views

bear patriot bow
I have a Bear Patriot Bow with serial #KV4064 that I have had for about 35 years. It is in very good condition and am wondering what is the value.

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The Fred Bear Patriot bow I am familiar with is a modified longbow designed by Byron Ferguson. While fashioned to be shot without an arrow rest or sights ("instinctive"), it had "modern" design enhancements such as reinforced limb tips to allow the bow to accept more modern ("FastFlight" type) synthetic bowstring materials. (Nice bows, in my opinion. Something I would consider purchasing myself if still into bowhunting with traditional equipment.)


As best I remember, those bows would retail anywhere from roughly $350 to $500 new. The value of your particular bow would obviously greatly depend upon the condition it is in. (Whether it has been shot much, finish wear, exposure to the elements, any modifications made etc.) Overall, they are not a particularly "old" design. (Certainly not something that could be considered "antique".) So, I would suspect they still largely depreciate in value with ownership and use. That is not to say that if the bow is still in excellent condition that it may not still fetch near retail price.

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