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Diamondback Db380: The Epic Saga Continues

Posted by Jeremiah , 08 May 2012 · 2,250 views

On the heels of a second magnificent accuracy outing with the Diamondback DB380 pistol, I must now give a more neutral report. With over 200 rounds through the pistol now (and several hundred more cycles at home) I decided that it is now "broken in" enough to start evaluating performance with respect to reliability of function. So, I began to dig...


Diamondback Firearms Db380: An Epic Saga

Posted by Jeremiah , 04 May 2012 · 1,507 views
Diamondback Firearms and 3 more...
As a follow up to a forum post and previous blog entry...

I purchased a Diamondback Firearms DB380 Nickel Slide .380 Auto "Pocket Pistol" on Tuesday, but didn't get a chance to take it to the range until yesterday. In between I took the time to really "fluff and buff" it. I mainly hit the feed ramp, slide rails, inside of the mag...


From: Let's Buy A Pocket Pistol

Posted by Jeremiah , 04 May 2012 · 895 views

Alright, folks. I thank you all for the input. Today was "the big day" and it ended up being the shortest firearm shopping session I've ever had. Let's keep this rolling though... Concealed carry is big these days and...


The Cats Come Out At Night

Posted by Jeremiah , 04 June 2011 · 653 views
Fishing, Catfish
Well, this will be photo intense and typing lean as I'm still exhausted. :)

My mother and I went to a local pond last evening to try for some night cats. We fished from about 7:00 PM 'til 1:00 AM.

The first couple hours were spent mostly setting up while she caught our bait. (Fresh Bluegill - Legal as bait in our state.)
Unfortunately, she wishes...


A Legend Passes

Posted by Jeremiah , 24 November 2010 · 668 views
Wild Turkey, Quaker Boy
I'm not sure which saddens me more...
The  fact that legendary wild turkey hunter, caller and founder of Quaker  Boy Game Calls, Dick Kirby, has passed away or the fact that it happened  over one month ago and I never heard anything about it until today.

To  say that Mr. Kirby was (and still is) a hero of mine is likely an  understatement. I remember...


Memorial Day Archery

Posted by Jeremiah , 31 May 2010 · 1,103 views
Archery, Mathews, Carter, Easton
Well, I couldn't think of much better a thing to do this morning than honor the soldiers who fought and died that I may be free than to go and exercise some of that freedom in God's great outdoors.

I figured it was time to test out the new sight tape I printed for my HHA OL-5519 sight in...


The Mccrea Outdoors Experience

Posted by Jeremiah , 21 November 2009 · 1,678 views
McCrea Outdoors, Mathews TV and 1 more...
Now that the official results of the Texas Round-Up have been published.
I feel I can tell my personal experience from the gathering. In addition to what I've...


Weight Loss Tracker (Updated 06-03-09)

Posted by Jeremiah , 11 September 2008 · 1,331 views

Short but sweet entry...

I decided to start a "weight loss ticker" today.
It will be updated every time I weigh in at the doc's office.
I am three months out from weight loss surgery.
Here's to more and better days in the...


The Outdoor Industry - A Loving Rant

Posted by Jeremiah , 24 August 2008 · 548 views
Hunting, Outdoor Industry
Am I the only one who sees the hunting industry getting to be just more "big business"? I know it's been coming for a while now, but I guess these past two years away from "the biz" myself had me a bit out of touch. With archery season approaching, I've started watching some outdoor television again and I must say that I'm...


Setting The Record Straight - Easton Archery

Posted by Jeremiah , 11 June 2008 · 1,097 views
Easton, Archery
In recent months, I have read a nasty rumor on more than one archery-related Internet forum that Easton Archery does not support U.S. troops and refuses to send archery product to them over seas. The ground swell that has resulted from this rumor has gone virtually unchecked.

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