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Memorial Day Archery

Posted by Jeremiah , 31 May 2010 · 1,104 views

Archery Mathews Carter Easton
Well, I couldn't think of much better a thing to do this morning than honor the soldiers who fought and died that I may be free than to go and exercise some of that freedom in God's great outdoors.

I figured it was time to test out the new sight tape I printed for my HHA OL-5519 sight in OnTarget2-Software For Archers. So, I shot at 20, 30, 40, 50, 60, and 70 yards. (As far as my tape goes due to shooting 270 f.p.s. with a ~500 grn. Easton ST Epic N-Fused .300 arrow and only 54#.)

Posted Image
The white bags are the targets 70 yards out. That's my bow case and a camp chair about 40 yards out just to give some perspective/depth. You can see the dial on my HHA sight is just about pegged to the top and the bottom of my scope housing is only 1.5", or so, above my arrow. :D

Posted Image
Decent form for a cripple. ;)
I wanted to show off my bulging muscles, but all I could muster up this day was some bulging arm veins. Meh...

Posted Image
And this was the result of the first shot from 70. Now, I know I missed by an inch. But, one day I am confident that I will be an accomplished shooter. :p (Yes, that's my crutch there. I won't tell the docs if you don't. :p )

I've got to thank Pinwheel Software for making dead-accurate stuff! This was the first time shooting this sight tape beyond 30 yards. Obviously the Mathews McPherson Series Monster 7.0 bow is also a beast as we've all been seeing and reading here. It tells me just when I mess up. (I'll actually see a little dip or wiggle in the arrow on these longer shots.) But, I'm usually still within 6" or so. A "speed bow" just isn't supposed to be this forgiving... Especially when you're pulling nearly 31" into it and have a steeper string angle than many. Lastly, the Carter Enterprises "Like Mike" is just butta. It melts in your hand and makes everything come up golden. Oh yeah, and I must say it's good to see the "revised" 2010 Blazer vanes flying so well. ;)

Thanks for looking. I hope everyone is getting to spend some time with loved ones and reflecting upon the meaning of the day while enjoying the smell of a steak on the grill. :)

Great photo's Jere, not too bad at all. :)
Life is good!
Rowdy Yates
Jun 09 2010 08:05 AM
Yeah nice form, I won't tell Javi to call you LOL. Your setup is tops, very - very sweet. Great to see you out shooting.
David Clayton Harrison
Jun 13 2010 07:43 PM
Very Nice Jeremiah! I sent you a pm on the Mathews forum. did you see it. Clay

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