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The Cats Come Out At Night

Posted by Jeremiah , 04 June 2011 · 654 views

Fishing Catfish
Well, this will be photo intense and typing lean as I'm still exhausted. :)

My mother and I went to a local pond last evening to try for some night cats. We fished from about 7:00 PM 'til 1:00 AM.

The first couple hours were spent mostly setting up while she caught our bait. (Fresh Bluegill - Legal as bait in our state.)
Unfortunately, she wishes for me not to share any photos of her. So, here are some of mine. Needless to say it was a very successful few hours. If you add up all of the fish missed (either not grabbing the rod in time or having a fish come off while fighting) we would have caught three times what we actually landed. The bites would come in waves. We would see nothing for 30 minutes or so and then we would both be hooked up. It seemed like the mid-sections (I call them "gut packages" :sick: ) of bluegills caught the most fish, but the biggest of the night (32") came on a bluegill head.

Posted Image
Setting Up

Posted Image
Lighting Up

Posted Image
I... have made fire! (LOL)

Posted Image
King Kat

Posted Image
Look at the Head on That Thing! (Every fish caught was capable of swallowing a small child. LOL)

Posted Image
Look at the Head on THAT Thing... oh, and the fish.

Posted Image
It's the Headless Fisherman

Posted Image
Would NOT Let Go of My Hand to Get an Accurate Weight

Posted Image
The Night (Morning) Draws to a Close (Wish we had filleted and fried one. But, we would have needed more people to eat it all.)

Sorry about the photo quality. But, well, it was nighttime, which is, well, dark. Plus, I forgot the real camera. So, these were taken with a non-flash-having mobile phone. :doh2:

I'm going to go take much pain-relieving medication and go back to bed... for a couple days. Good night (in the daytime)!

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