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Diamondback Firearms Db380: An Epic Saga

Posted by Jeremiah , 04 May 2012 · 1,508 views

Diamondback Firearms Concealed Carry Self Defense .380
As a follow up to a forum post and previous blog entry...

I purchased a Diamondback Firearms DB380 Nickel Slide .380 Auto "Pocket Pistol" on Tuesday, but didn't get a chance to take it to the range until yesterday. In between I took the time to really "fluff and buff" it. I mainly hit the feed ramp, slide rails, inside of the mag & follower, etc. with a combo of everything from steel wool to a Dremel with polishing wheel. This piece is basically slipperier than snot on a doorknob at this point. LOL  I also took the time to do a full slide disassembly to clear out the factory oil in favor of a dry lube. (Wet Lube + Pocket Carry = Lint Magnet ... FAIL)

Anyway, the short report so far is that I've fired 50 rounds each of Independence 95 Gr. FMJ, Federal American Eagle 95 Gr. FMJ, and Remington UMC 95 Gr. FMJ. Both the Independence and American Eagle shot well as far as accuracy goes, but rendered multiple Failure to Extract issues (with the American Eagle being the worst of the two). However, I am very pleased to report that the entire box of Remington UMC that I shot today shot flawlessly. In fact, it shot so well that I have already placed it onto my range ammo list. I do have 100 rounds of cheap (Wally World) Winchester 95 Gr. FMJ .380 to try soon as well. (They are flat-nosed, so it will be interesting to see if they have any feeding issues over the others.)

I feel that once I run the Winchester through the pistol and give it another thorough cleaning that I will be ready to try some defensive loads. That is if I can find any in the tri-state area. (Because in the three stores/shops I've gone to thus far, NONE have had any in .380!) I very much look forward to that though. So far, I like the gun a lot. I picked up a Tagua Leather IWB holster for the Kel-Tec/LCP that fits the DB380 like a glove. If all goes well, the DB380 will replace a Glock 27 as my primary carry piece. (Wish me luck! :D )

Here's a target from today...
Posted Image
21 Feet / 7 Yards
The body shots were slow and controlled as I wanted to see what the pistol could do. On the head, I started to break into rapid fire a little. (When the American Eagle ammo would let me be quick, that is,) An absolutely awesome pistol, as far as accuracy goes, no matter how you slice it. A bit more finicky at this point, but then many "mouse guns" are.

The saga continues. :)

That is some real good shooting. That would put Mr. Nasty Man on his pants. Nice shooting and an excellent report.

Today I handled a Kel Tec P-11 and was kind of impressed with it. The pistol was 9x19mm luger and I believe he said it held 10 rounds. Plus it slid right into my right front pants pocket. I told him I wanted to look around, as the store was a little expensive and I think I could find that cheaper.
9mm Luger is an awesome carry caliber. My 13 year old 9mm offering just croaked, I think. So, it's a good excuse to buy another. Kel-Tec is on the list as is Kahr.

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