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Diamondback Db380: The Epic Saga Continues

Posted by Jeremiah , 08 May 2012 · 2,251 views

On the heels of a second magnificent accuracy outing with the Diamondback DB380 pistol, I must now give a more neutral report. With over 200 rounds through the pistol now (and several hundred more cycles at home) I decided that it is now "broken in" enough to start evaluating performance with respect to reliability of function. So, I began to dig a little deeper into the FTE (Failure to Extract) issues that my pistol seems to have been having with certain brands of .380 ammo. Basically, about the only range ammo I've found that reliably ejects/extracts is Remington UMC 95gr. FMJ.

After polishing the feed ramp and slide rails a second time and knocking down any sharp corners on the magazine follower (just in case of any binding there), the pistol still seemed to have some issues to the tune of one or two FTE's per magazine. (Certainly unacceptable for personal defensive carry!) I decided to contact Diamondback Firearms via e-mail to see what they had to say. To my surprise, I had a reply within just a few hours. To make a long story short, Scott at DB replied that I should not be having such issues. (Certainly, I should be able to shoot more than just Rem UMC.) After a brief follow-up exchange, I was sent a UPS return shipping label and assurance that my pistol would be taken good care of and returned in proper working order.

As much as I hate to be without it (I miss it already) I am actually excited at the possibility of having a pistol that shoots this well AND cycles reliably. So, I am cautiously optimistic and certainly willing to let Diamondback have the chance to stand behind their product. We will see what they come up. :)

The saga continues...

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