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Setting The Record Straight - Easton Archery

Posted by Jeremiah , 11 June 2008 · 1,098 views

Easton Archery
In recent months, I have read a nasty rumor on more than one archery-related Internet forum that Easton Archery does not support U.S. troops and refuses to send archery product to them over seas. The ground swell that has resulted from this rumor has gone virtually unchecked.

Until Now

Sometimes I find it hard to believe just how far people will let certain things go without asking the source for some input. It seemed that in one month's time and several pages of negative replies against Easton Archery, I was the only person wondering, "Hmm... I'd like to get Easton's response to this." So, I fired off an e-mail to Easton Archery through their standard contact form on EastonArchery.com. The e-mail was simple and to the point. Following is a copy.

QUOTE To whom it may concern;

This question is somewhat from out in left field. So, I fully understand if I receive no reply. With that said...

I am a web designer that has designed and/or administrated a handful of hunting-related interactive community web sites over the years. I also have a background in outdoor television. As a result, I frequent several online hunting/archery related web sites that house Internet forums / interactive communities. I would like to inform you, if it has not already been brought to your attention, that there has been a run of postings lately made specifically concerning companies that supposedly do not donate either product or monetary support to U.S. troops overseas. Easton Archery has been specifically named as one of the companies that may not donate to / support our troops.

Personally, though I love my country and totally support U.S. troops, I feel that is not my place to pressure anyone to donate in such a manner. (That is something that should simply come from the heart, if at all.) So, that is not my point. My main concern here is really that I do not feel that it is right for Easton Archery (or any company) to be vilified in public without a single person involved in these Internet postings even knowing Easton's stance for certain.

I am hoping that Easton will respond. Forum Name Deleted and Forum Name Deleted are two of the sites I visit that have current topics basically asking the question, "Does Easton support our troops?" If it is too much trouble to go "in search of", I would be more than willing to copy/paste any such response I receive. I thank you for reading this and I hope that it finds you well.


Jeremiah Ross
Owner - HuntingResource.com

Within a week, Don Rabska, Executive Director of Easton Sports Development Foundation, contacted me to thank me for pursuing this issue as well as to assure me that the rumor was anything but true. The following is truncated, but best addresses the issue at hand.

QUOTE Dear Jeremiah,

You have aptly pointed out yet another bit of totally inaccurate information regarding Easton and the false rumors that we do not support our troops... Not only have we donated non archery related products for hundreds of care packages to our troops, but we have also donated a good deal of archery equipment as well. In fact, on the Texas archery website there was recently an article relating to the Steel Snake Archery Club in Iraq that thanked us for equipment etc. This was by no means an atypical event, but simply noted here to provide the most recent example. Additionally, from those donations to our troops over the past several years, we have learned some valuable information in regard to equipment use...

Don Rabska
Executive Director
Easton Sports Development Foundation
7855 Haskell Ave., Suite 360
Van Nuys, CA 91406

So, there you have it straight from the horse's mouth, folks. (It's amazing what five whole minutes of one's time can accomplish, huh?) I can also say from our correspondence that Easton is actually looking to grow their program(s) to support our troops, not cut back!

I would like to take a moment to mention that I am in no way affiliated with Easton. Further, Easton Archery is one of many companies that support our troops and we should thank God for all of them. I simply wanted to see "justice" done in at least one case I personally witnessed where a company was being vilified without just cause. I would like to thank Don Rabska for taking a moment out of his day to write me and Easton for making life for our troops a little more pleasant when they do have moments of "down time".

'til next time.


Jul 16 2008 09:10 AM
You done good Jeremiah. As scripture says, "If you have a problem with someone you go to that person and speak with them. That is exactly what you did in this instance and that my friend is exactly what we all should do far more often than we do. I have used "Snopes" online a few times to ascertain whether or not something sent to me had any truth to it or not. But then again how far can one trust a website that is an intermediary in fact finding be trusted. To get the truth we all must go to the person just as you did.
I am new to these types of forums but it's good to know that someone out there shares my "Get down to business/ Straight from the source" attitude. I also would be very disappointed to here that such a company would not support our troops! I have several family members and friends serving our country over seas. Thanks for the clarifacation!

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