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The Outdoor Industry - A Loving Rant

Posted by Jeremiah , 24 August 2008 · 547 views

Hunting Outdoor Industry
Am I the only one who sees the hunting industry getting to be just more "big business"? I know it's been coming for a while now, but I guess these past two years away from "the biz" myself had me a bit out of touch. With archery season approaching, I've started watching some outdoor television again and I must say that I'm concerned.

I see companies like Primos frankly turning into giants within the industry that are swallowing up several other companies around them. Double Bull blinds (arguably the best hunting blinds in the world), Silver XP scent eliminator (a hot newer principle in scent control - silver) are two of their most recent acquisitions. (They also have a number of their own products that are, for lack of a more politically correct term, "knock offs" of other company products that were either not patented or that had expired or expiring patents. The Gibbs bowsling comes to mind.)

DO NOT get me wrong, I'm not trying to be down on anyone or any company here. I personally like Will Primos. (Of course, I highly doubt that he is the man behind Primos marketing and acquisitions though I could be wrong.) Besides that, if you're business savvy enough, have deep enough pockets, and are at least doing somewhat right by the consumer then, hey, more power to you. "It's just business."

But, it just seems to me that the industry, as a whole, is becoming a little too "Wal-Mart". It actually makes me think of that cheesy movie Sylvester Stalone made a few years back... "Demolition Man". In that movie, set in the future, ALL restaurants were "Taco Bell". In the future, Taco Bell had acquired all competitive food chains. So, no matter where you went out to eat it was "Taco Bell". Posted Image Are we headed toward a day when every piece of gear we reach into our pack to get is going to have the same company logo on it? Posted Image

Y'all can laugh at me if you like, but I really long for the "old days" when half the stuff I hunted with I either bought at the Military Surplus store or made myself. I enjoy my Gore-Tex boots, and all of the "advancements" we have today, but I really wouldn't mind simplifying or at least finding and supporting every "small potatoes" company I can. ('cept Mathews... Have to keep shooting my Mathews. No sense in taking a big step down to anything else. Posted Image Posted Image )

Well, 'til my next rant, keep your bows well tuned and your firearms well oiled.


I wouldn't doubt Wilbur Primos is not the "acquisition guy" but I would doubt it is occurring without his blessing.

There's good money to be made in the outdoor industry and it's gonna get nasty while folks fight over it. We ARE gonna see good stuff go away that we will miss. We ARE also gonna see new stuff we'll like.

In all, when it's all looked at in the future, we may be glad there was some big money and a few big voices sticking up for us.
As long as we are willing to spent the "MONEY" this will go on !!

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