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Weight Loss Tracker (Updated 06-03-09)

Posted by Jeremiah , 11 September 2008 · 1,311 views

Short but sweet entry...

I decided to start a "weight loss ticker" today.
It will be updated every time I weigh in at the doc's office.
I am three months out from weight loss surgery.
Here's to more and better days in the field...

Posted Image

Posted Image

A note of clarification about the weight loss graph and pics. 425 lbs. was my highest recorded weight a few years back. I lost 75 lbs. pre-surgery by watching what I ate and getting more active. (Shifting from desk jobs to more active work was a big help.) When I was forced to leave my day job in December of '06 for health reasons (bone damage in feet / arthritis), I quickly "ballooned" back up to near 400 lbs. My last official weigh in prior to surgery was 395 lbs. Hence the graph above having started at 395 lbs. instead of 425 lbs.


Happy New Year!

Posted Image

Now, as I was sitting here looking these over I have to say I'm getting to the point where I'm not seeing a whole lot of difference. But, the profile shows a lot more than I realized.
Take a peek at this...

Posted Image

That's me in early August after I had already lost a good amount of weight and yet I still look like I have an inner tube around my waist compared to now. I would have never even dreamed of wearing my pants at my waist back then. (Where they actually belong, imagine that.) No, I always wore my pants lower in front to let my bulbous belly "muffin top" out over my belt. I don't think I had seen my belt buckle since the 90's. I'm glad to have found it again. Posted Image

Levity makes things easier. But, in all honesty, it's not always easy to look at these pictures. I sometimes feel ashamed of the older ones. Not even so much because of how I "looked" but because of who I was. I think people kid themselves a lot. I know I did. But, I was a morbidy obese man. You just don't get to be that big without being a "person of excess" and that doesn't sit well with me. I'm not entirely where I want to be yet, but I thank God that I am no longer on the path I was on before.

I also thank God that I am truly seeing things in a different light. I have no desire to go back. I turn down foods now I would have gobbled up before simply because I know they aren't good for me. (Mind you, I've experimented. I have yet to find a single food I can't still eat - including bread and things they said I'd probably never be able to eat again.) But, that's just not what I want anymore. I eat protein first at every meal and even take supplements. I had a follow-up with my surgeon last week and he said my protein level is the highest he's ever seen in a 6 month post-op patient. (I was high normal.. seven point something.) He actually told me to back off a bit. Imagine that, I'm actually doing too much of a good thing! I also do crunches and push-ups every day now. I'd like to get lean. But, above all, I am just thankful to be healthier. That was always the goal and that goal hasn't changed.


Just a quick addition. I was basically just looking through some things here and realized that a lot of my pics have my arms at my sides. You just aren't getting the full love-handle-melting effect that way. So, I figured I would rectify that that here. LOL

Posted Image

Snapped that last week. It's hard for me to believe sometimes that I started this wearing a 5 or 6XL shirt and that one above in the pic is an XL off the rack from Tractor Supply. (On sale... Cost me $5. I don't remember paying under $20 for even a basic pocket t-shirt before surgery due to the size.)

I've lost a couple more pounds since the pic. The weight loss has slowed considerably. (As it should.) I'm at about 2 to 3 pounds a week loss now instead of 7 or more. Some weeks it's barely 2, but it's all good as long as it's still coming off. My surgeon told me the last time I met with him that I could expect the slow down and, sure enough, like clockwork, I'm here. That's helpful. (Otherwise I might have thought I was doing something wrong and started to skip meals or something dangerous/stupid.) Truthfully it feels better this way. First, it works patience which is something I can be short on at times. I can also stay in a particular clothing size longer than a couple weeks, which is nice. My hair is also no longer falling out from the stress of such a tremendous bodily change. (Yeah, that happens to a lot of WLS patients. I know it wasn't just male pattern baldness or something either as my hair was falling out EVERYWHERE. When I would take my shirt off the inside looked like a bearskin rug as I have a hairy chest. I could share more details, but just take my word for it that things weren't pretty.) So, I look forward to growing back some hair and losing these last 30 to 40 lbs. at a much easier pace.

'til next time... Posted Image


I updated the Weight Loss Ticker and added to the "Official" WLS Photo Strip above.
I can see the finish line! Posted Image


I'm only 3 lbs. away from officially no longer being classified "obese" according to the BMI Calculator! I'd have to go all the way back to pre-high school to remember the last time that was so. (I graduated high school around 250.)

Just playing around with some animators today...
Posted Image
Now that's nuts.

'til next time...


Wow. I actually almost forgot that today is the one year anniversary since having my weight loss surgery. Well, there's not much to tell, really. The weight loss continues. I'm three pounds away from my pre-surgery goal. Of course, now I'm not so sure I don't want to raise (or would that be lower) the bar a little. I'm happy to be where I am, especially considering where I came from. Not having that word - OBESE - on my medical charts at this point has my doctors and I both smiling and breathing a big sigh of relief. But, I just want to be as healthy as I can be. My own assessment is that I could stand to lose some more weight. My doctors agree that another 10 to 15 might not be such a bad idea. So, we'll see. Posted Image

Hungry Horse
Jan 08 2009 01:26 AM
Jere; Wishing you continued good luck on your healthy journey in 2009. HH in Pa
Just checking in on your progress Jeremiah ! I can't tell you how much I enjoy asking The Lord to help strengthen you as the goal line gets closer every step of the way. How about we celebrate by heading out west in 2 years for some elk/muley/lopes with Bruce & Will ? whistle.gif
Jer I hardly recognize you! You look 10 years younger. Congrats! Keep up the good work.
Outstanding Jeremiah, I just decided to lose a bunch of pounds myself.
Your progress is amazing, Jeremiah!
wow jer,born again you are!!!good job,man!
What a commitment to saving your life Jeremiah. I know you already had the Eternal saving part of your life in order and this journey to achieve the physical is simply amazing. I have to admit that looking at the photos brings happy tears as I type. I know that you've spent many "Alone "moments going through this hardship but what an achievement. I'm humbled by your accomplishments Buddy!!!!
May God continue to Bless & Protection every aspect of your life.- Phil yes.gif
Jun 04 2009 12:24 PM
We all knowing you as we have for these years are very proud of your amazing transformation. Man you just gotta be feeling so much better now not only mentally but physically. I can just imagine your poor heart having all those extra miles of vessels to pump through but now it doesen't have to. My prayers are being answered. You look fantastic.
SWEET! bigthumbup.gif
That's really good news and I'm very happy for you. I can see where your determination to lose weight has brought you. And now I know that you are more confident now. Good luck!

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