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Wisconsin Bow Hunting Update - November 4, 2008

Posted by Chrud , 04 November 2008 · 139 views

This "vacation" I took these couple days were pretty much a bust.  Temperatures were in the 70's with south winds.

This afternoon I planned on sitting my brother's stand on his food plot.  I did forget my tree tether for my Hunter Safety System.  I keep one on the tree for all my other stands so I never take one along.  So, I decided to...


Wisconsin Bow Hunting Update - November 1, 2008

Posted by Chrud , 02 November 2008 · 142 views

I took a chance on Saturday afternoon and hunted my food plot with an east wind.  This would mean my scent would be blowing right at my food plot.  But, there was little to no wind so I thought I could get away with it.

It was a pretty uneventful evening.  No deer or turkeys, just squirrels and the other usual critters.  There is some fresh buck sign that...


Wisconsin Bow Hunting Update - October 25, 2008

Posted by Chrud , 25 October 2008 · 142 views

I finally got to hunt my food plot again, only the second time this year and the first time in five weeks.  I got in my stand about 3:30 PM.  It was about 48 degrees, with 10-20 MPH winds, switching from the west to the south often.  I was taking a few readings with my range finder at about 3:55 PM when I thought I heard something behind me.  It rained all...


Wisconsin Bow Hunting Update - October 18, 2008

Posted by Chrud , 21 October 2008 · 151 views

October 21 was another good hunt.  Temperatures were in the 50's, with a strong wind from the south.  Once again I was sitting in the stand between the corn field and mowed pasture.  I did see the same doe and fawn from last week, but they were a couple hundred yards away.  I spotted them about 5:00 PM getting out of their bedding spot and heading...


Wisconsin Bow Hunting Update - October 11, 2008

Posted by Chrud , 13 October 2008 · 131 views

My brother Steve and I both had great hunts on the afternoon of Saturday, October 11.  It was very warm with temperatures in the mid to upper 70's and winds out of the south.

I was hunting my stand that divides the mowed pasture and corn field.  About 5:00 PM, I heard some movement behind me.  After a short wait, a fawn stepped out about 20' behind...


Wisconsin Bow Hunting Update - September 20, 2008

Posted by Chrud , 23 September 2008 · 129 views

I finally had the chance to get into the woods last weekend for my first bowhunt of the year (Saturday, September 20).  The weather was hot and very humid.  Temperatures were in the 60's, partly sunny skies and a light northwest wind.  I sat by my food plot for the morning sit and didn't see any deer activity.  I thought I heard a deer walking on...


One Week Until The Wisconsin Bow Opener

Posted by Chrud , 06 September 2008 · 171 views

It's just one week until the 2008 Wisconsin archery season opens.  I'm really excited for this year.  I'm interested to see how my new setups will work out this year.

I'm pretty happy with the progress of my food plot.  Because the plot is in the woods, the very dry conditions this summer haven't had too much of an effect on it because...


Ready For Bow Hunting

Posted by Chrud , 11 August 2008 · 151 views

With a just over a month until the 2008 Wisconsin bow opener for whitetails, I have everything ready to go.  My Mathews Switchback is shooting better than ever, with great broadhead groupings out to 60 yards.  All my stands are set and ready to go and my food plot is planted and already growing.

Here is a look at an older aerial photo of the land we hunt. ...


Gearing Up For The 2008 Season

Posted by Chrud , 15 June 2008 · 167 views

With the 2008 Wisconsin whitetail hunting seasons fast approaching, I figured I would make an entry with the weapons I plan on using this season.

- Mathews Switchback
- 70 Pound Draw Weight
- 28" Draw Length
- 65% Let-off
- Schaffer MAT-1 Arrow Rest
- Mathews ArrowWeb One Piece Detachable Quiver
- Montana...


Summer Progress

Posted by Chrud , 30 May 2008 · 139 views

We've been getting a lot accomplished the last few weeks.  We already have pretty much all the wood cut and hauled for the lady that lives on the land.  With a lot of snow into mid April, It's amazing that we've already got about 15 cord done.

We pretty much have all our stands set for the year.  Tomorrow we are finishing my brother's new...

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