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Wisconsin Bow Hunting Update - October 11, 2008

Posted by Chrud , 13 October 2008 · 128 views

My brother Steve and I both had great hunts on the afternoon of Saturday, October 11.  It was very warm with temperatures in the mid to upper 70's and winds out of the south.

I was hunting my stand that divides the mowed pasture and corn field.  About 5:00 PM, I heard some movement behind me.  After a short wait, a fawn stepped out about 20' behind my tree and made it's way into the mowed pasture.  A big doe was just a couple steps behind.  This opportunity was nearly perfect.  I had a nice doe at 22.5 yards, feeding broadside with nothing between myself and the deer.  There was just a couple problems.  I was sitting at the time, so I would have had to stand up and turn around, as the deer was on my right hand side.  Plus, the wind was blowing directly at her.  After nearly 10 minutes, she smelled something she didn't like.  She actually began moving towards the front of my stand, a few more yards and she would have been in a spot for a shot opportunity.  The doe and fawn eventually moved off, they didn't seem too spooked.  I think she knew something was out of place, but didn't know what.

That doe and fawn made their way to Steve's food plot.  Just before shooting light ran out, Steve passed on the doe and took a shot at a fork-horn buck.  The 4-point crashed not too far from his stand, but took a pretty long and winding route there.  I would say we tracked the buck close to 200 yards, but it died about 125 yards from his stand.  It was a quartering-away shot that was a little back.  It looked like he hit the guts, as there was some green stuff inside when gutting the deer out.  He also probably hit the liver and possibly one lung.  I will post some pictures as soon as I get them emailed to me.

We were both surprised at the deer activity that night.  While tracking the deer, one of our friends took a look at the mowed pasture and noticed at least six sets of eyes looking back at him.  Next year we plan to disc under some of that mowed pasture near that stand and plant it with clover.  If the deer are that attracted to dried up grass, I would guess some lush clover would really draw the deer in.

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