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Wisconsin Bow Hunting Update - October 18, 2008

Posted by Chrud , 21 October 2008 · 149 views

October 21 was another good hunt.  Temperatures were in the 50's, with a strong wind from the south.  Once again I was sitting in the stand between the corn field and mowed pasture.  I did see the same doe and fawn from last week, but they were a couple hundred yards away.  I spotted them about 5:00 PM getting out of their bedding spot and heading towards my brother's food plot.  I actually walked within 100 yards of where they were bedding on my way to the stand.

We are seeing a lot of deer.  Next weekend looks good.  So far AccuWeather is saying there will be an east wind Saturday morning, but then switching to a west and northwest wind the rest of the weekend.  I will finally get to hunt my food plot again.

This is the greatest time of the year.  It is getting to the later stages of the pre-rut.  I can't wait to check out my food plot to see what kind of buck sign is there.  The next four weeks should be very exciting.

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