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Wisconsin Bow Hunting Update - November 1, 2008

Posted by Chrud , 02 November 2008 · 142 views

I took a chance on Saturday afternoon and hunted my food plot with an east wind.  This would mean my scent would be blowing right at my food plot.  But, there was little to no wind so I thought I could get away with it.

It was a pretty uneventful evening.  No deer or turkeys, just squirrels and the other usual critters.  There is some fresh buck sign that appeared during the week, so I'm optimistic about that.

I'm off work until Wednesday, November 5.  The weather doesn't look great, as it will be south winds pretty much all week.  I plan on hunting my brother's food plot this afternoon.  There is rain in the forecast and it is very windy right now, so we'll see what things look like this afternoon.  I plan on hunting my brother's food plot again Monday afternoon and I'll see how things play out for Tuesday morning.  The weather certainly doesn't feel like "prime time" in the whitetail woods.

Monday morning I plan on shooting my rifle and muzzleloader at 100 yards.  I'm confident my rifle is ready to go.  I did purchase a Nikon Buckmasters 1X20 scope for my T/C Encore Pro Hunter.  At 50 yards I just couldn't get a consistent sight picture with open sights.  I got it close Friday afternoon, my final four shots were within 2" of each other, all about 2" high at 50 yards.  I just want to see whats going on at 100 yards with it.

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