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Wisconsin Bow Hunting Update - November 4, 2008

Posted by Chrud , 04 November 2008 · 139 views

This "vacation" I took these couple days were pretty much a bust.  Temperatures were in the 70's with south winds.

This afternoon I planned on sitting my brother's stand on his food plot.  I did forget my tree tether for my Hunter Safety System.  I keep one on the tree for all my other stands so I never take one along.  So, I decided to move to my waterhole stand for the afternoon.  I did shoot my biggest buck from that stand on November 4, 2005 so it would be a good time just to sit and reflect on that hunt.  There were a couple deer about 10 yards from my stand while I was walking there.  They weren't too spooked, but didn't return before shooting light ran out.  There is no water in either waterhole, and my mineral site was covered with leaves (as usual during the fall).  At least I did see those couple deer this afternoon.  It is just so hot out the deer aren't moving.

I did notice one thing this weekend, and that was the lack of rut sign.  There is a scrape or two by my food plot.  But, the logging roads are usually filled with rubs and scrapes this time of year.  After seeing the scrapes by my food plot Saturday afternoon, I thought things would be looking good.  Unfortunately, after a little more looking that is the only "rut" sign I saw these few days.  I didn't see one rub or scrape while walking the logging road this afternoon.  I did see that buck cruising a week or so ago, but that has been it.  The weather is supposed to get cooler by the weekend, with highs dropping from the 70's down to the high 30's to low 40's with a chance of snow.  Hopefully that will get the rut action going.

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