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2008 Wisconsin Archery Whitetail - November 8, 2008

Posted by Chrud , 09 November 2008 · 177 views

It was a perfect morning for bowhunting. Temperatures were in the low 30's, there was no wind and there was a fresh blanket of snow on the ground. This is what deer hunting in Wisconsin is all about!

I headed to my stand by my food plot. When I arrived on the south end of my Buck Forage Oats food plot, I took a quick glance for deer and didn't see any. I made my way toward my stand and jumped a deer about 15 yards from my stand. The deer didn't seem to alarmed, so I quickly got in my stand and got everything ready for the morning hunt. I really had to be prepared. The heavy, wet snow made things very quiet, and a deer could sneak up on me at any time.

About 6:45 AM I spotted a whitetail walking towards my food plot. The deer didn't make a sound as it moved towards my food plot. I picked up my Mathews Switchback, clipped on my Carter Two Shot release and was ready. As the deer got to about 50 yards, I noticed it was a really nice buck and I didn't look at the antlers the rest of the time. He did a quick scent check of a scrape that was 23 yards from my stand. As I drew my bow, he turned and began to walk back the way he came. As soon as he walked into my shooting lane, I grunted at him, guessed him to be about 27 yards and let an arrow fly.

The arrow passed through the deer at 28 yards. After the loud "thwack", the buck kicked his back legs and took off over the ridge. I lost sight of him and saw a deer running south about 100 yards away. I though the buck had circled back around. I got out of the stand and went to take a look at the arrow. The arrow was stuck about 4" in the ground and covered with bright red blood. I was pretty pumped!

My brother Steve and cousin Cory arrived about 7:30 AM and we took up the trail. With the fresh snow, all we had to do was go for a walk along the blood and tracks of the buck. It was a very easy tracking job. The buck went further than I expected, but we found him piled up about 125 yards from my stand. The entry hole was a little high, but the exit hole was perfect. This was my biggest buck to date! The buck never did circle back, it was a different deer that I saw take off towards the south. I saw a total of three deer in the 35 minutes I was on stand.

The 10-point buck green scored 121 3/8 gross Pope & Young and 117 5/8 net Pope & Young. We figured he as well over 225 pounds on the hoof, and dressed out at about 200 pounds. The buck had a really big body. We aren't sure on the age. The head isn't very long, but the antlers and body is much bigger than most 2-1/2 year old bucks in this area. Whether it is a 2-1/2 or 3-1/2 year old deer, he is very nice and will look great on the wall.

The buck was shot in Langlade County, Wisconsin on November 8, 2008 at 6:46 AM.

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