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Wisconsin Gun Hunting Update - November 23, 2008

Posted by Chrud , 23 November 2008 · 110 views

The opening weekend of the 2008 Wisconsin gun deer season was pretty eventful, and disappointing.

It was a cold start to Saturday.  The temperature when I left my truck was 1 degree.  Cold, little to no wind and clear skies.  The usual "gun shot symphony" began ringing very early.  I didn't see anything until about 8:45 AM when a single deer caught my attention about 100 yards to the east.  As I watched the doe, she looked very uneasy.  After a couple minutes, she began to work in my direction.  She took a few steps and all of a sudden there were three more deer that seemed to appear out of nowhere.

One of the does stepped out on my food plot at about 85 yards.  I took a shot and it looked good.  The doe ran off favoring her left front leg, but never fell over, or really seemed too spooked.  After a few minutes I checked out where the deer was standing at the shot.  The only sign I found in our woods was a pin-head size drop of blood, a couple hairs and two small chunks of meat.  I spent a couple hours looking all over and found no other sign, or the doe.  I followed her tracks as long as I could and there was no sign of blood anywhere.  There was some brush between myself and the deer that I didn't seem to notice on the shot, so a bullet deflection is a definite possibility.  I am very disappointed in myself that I wounded that deer.  I did put as much effort into finding the deer or any other sign as possible, but nothing.  I think I'm "getting over it" a little bit, but I'm still very disappointed in myself.

Sunday produced zero deer sightings for myself.  It was warmer than Saturday, but the deer just were not moving.  My brother only saw one doe fawn on his food plot all day.

Its back to work Monday.  My next chance to get out in the woods will be Thanksgiving day.

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