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Brother's 2009 Wisconsin Spring Turkey

Posted by Chrud , 22 April 2009 · 152 views

My brother Steve killed this nice gobbler this morning. He shot the bird in Langlade County, Wisconsin. We found where the birds were roosting on a back ridge last weekend and watched three gobblers strut in the woods for a few minutes. We discussed it and thought it would be best if he could sneek into the back woods along the south fence. He said he did bump a couple birds off the roost because the snow had froze and was very noisy. Just a couple minutes after setting out the decoys, this bird came running in and he made the shot at 15 yards.

The picture was taken this morning at our cousin's sap shack. I didn't have time to go over to our land to take the pictures before work, so he headed to the sap shack for the pictures.

The bird was 23 pounds and had a 10" beard and 1" spurs.  His season was over in less than an hour.

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