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Food Plots And Cuddeback Pictures

Posted by Chrud , 05 August 2009 · 172 views

We finished putting planting our food plots this afternoon.  We are supposed to get some rain this weekend, so hopefully that will get the plots growing well.  Once again I'm going with Buck Forage Oats.  I've used this every year and have been very happy with the results.  I will try to post some pictures as the food plot progresses.

I thought I would share a couple pictures from my Cuddeback Capture camera as well.  These pictures are all from a new mineral site I started this year.  It is on a small road/trail we put in that heads east/west from the east side of my food plot towards the bedding area (on the neighbor's land).  I started this mineral site this year with liquid Deer Cane and a Deer Cane Block.  When I put some more liquid Deer Cane out in July, I also put out a Trophy Rock.  I've gotten a lot of nice pictures on this mineral site.  My stand is about 18 yards to the south of this mineral site (the camera is facing north).

This is the biggest buck we've got on camera so far.  He is likely a 3-1/2 year old.  He is a typical 8-point with a 9th point trying to start on the left main beam.  In some pictures it looks like he is trying to get a small sticker point coming off the left G2.  I'd like to get some pictures of him out of velvet before I decide if this is a buck I'd like to try to hunt this fall.  I'd like to see this buck live another year, but with the tag situation the way it is, if I get a crack at him I might take the shot.  My brother had an encounter with this buck a couple weeks earlier on his "pea patch" food plot.

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I've also had a lot of pictures of does and fawns on my camera this year.  This is one of my favorites.  I always get a laugh when I see fawns on my pictures.  The adult deer seem a little cautious and the fawns look like all they want to do is run around.  These fawns have grown quite a bit since the first pictures of them in June.

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