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Ready For Bow Season

Posted by Chrud , 29 August 2009 · 175 views

This morning I was able to put the final touches on my treestands for bow season.  I have the pull-up ropes tied on, the EZ Hangers are in the trees and the seat cushions are on.  I'm ready to go!

Our food plots is looking amazing.  This is our third year planting food plots and they've never looked this good.  The neighbors are going to get started on preparing and planting the fields in the next week or two with winter wheat.  I'm pretty excited about it.  The guy who used to rent the fields never really put much time or effort into the fields, which usually resulted in a pretty poor crop.  I think the work our neighbors will put into the fields will definitely work in our advantage.

I did hang a stand in a new spot, although I don't think it will be very productive until after the fields have had some time to grow.  There is a great trail leading from the bedding area towards one of our fields.  The trail splits off quite a bit just past my stand location however.  This should be an excellent afternoon spot.  It should be a great observation stand too as I will be able to watch quite a bit of the timber to see how the deer really use the terrain features.  There is a really deep hole just south of my stand (the trail is on a natural pinch-point or funnel) and a big ridge to the west that runs north/south.  I think this will be a great spot.

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