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Wisconsin Bow Hunting Update - September 12, 2009

Posted by Chrud , 13 September 2009 · 369 views

The 2009 archery season is finally here in Wisconsin. I typically don't hunt mornings or on Sunday until later in October, but I usually try to get out for the opening morning.

The morning was pretty foggy with no wind and temperatures were in the 50's. I decided to sit by my food plot, so I could switch out the card in my Cuddeback after the hunt. I didn't see anything, and there wasn't much on my camera either. I think the hot temperatures we've been having might have slowed the deer activity.

I returned to the same stand for the afternoon. It was hot with no wind with temperatures nearing 80. At about 6:00 PM, I heard some movement to the west, across my food plot. After a couple moments, I spotted a single deer coming down the rise and heading towards my food plot. It was a single doe, so I was hoping she'd present a shot opportunity. I think she saw me going for my binoculars, as right when she was getting ready to enter the food plot she stopped and had a five minute stare down with me. She did stomp her front hoof a couple times, but never blew or seemed too alarmed. After a few minutes, she began feeding on the food plot, but was heading south so I wouldn't have a shot. She stopped near an apple tree and looked in my direction again, this time with her nose high in the air. She knew something wasn't quite right, but again she never blew or ran away. I watched her feed on the food plot and pick at some of the fallen acorns for nearly 30 minutes before she headed back towards her bedding area. I didn't bump any deer on the way out, so I'm confident I didn't do any damage to that area. It was a very exciting first day of the 2009 Wisconsin archery season.

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