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Wisconsin Bow Hunting Update - October 10, 2009

Posted by Chrud , 11 October 2009 · 317 views

My hunt on October 10 was unique to say the least.  The weather was really good.  Temperatures were in the upper 20's and there was a chance of snow flurries.  However, the wind was supposed to be out of the west at about 15-20 MPH.

I decided to hunt my food plot.  I was about 1/3 of the way to my food plot when I heard a deer or two blowing.  Rather than continuing on to my food plot and spooking the deer any more than they already were, I decided to back out and just take a ride around the neighborhood for the morning.  I saw several deer in the first hour or so of day light.  I stopped back at our land to watch one of the fields from the truck.  I had only been there a couple minutes and I spotted a deer trotting across the pasture.  I lost sight of him for a couple minutes, and when I spotted him again he was running in my direction.  It was pretty entertaining watching the little buck trotting onto the field.  He then continued on and walked behind the pole building.  I didn't go after him to see where he was headed, but I'm guessing he either bedded in a row of pines about 70 yards from the house or crossed the road onto the neighbors property.  He was just a small fork-horn buck we call "The Freak".  One side is forked on the end, like a typical fork-horn buck.  The other side is really thick, it looks like a blade and the "fork" is actually a brow tine.  It is a very unusual looking buck.

I sat in my ground blind for the evening hunt.  The blind overlooks a small clover patch and it located in a small strip of trees that splits one of the winter wheat fields from the pasture/clover area.  I didn't see anything from the blind, just a mouse that came in the blinds for a visit.

While my brother and I were back at the trucks putting our gear away, we saw five different whitetails.  Four of them were in the north winter wheat field.  The other one came out in the same field where I watched The Freak earlier in the day.  It was pretty dark, but you could tell there was a deer our there.  We are pretty sure the four were does and fawns, but we don't know what the other deer was.

My Cuddeback took some more great pictures this week.  Several more fight pictures again, I'm guessing I've got to have close to 100 fighting pictures since the end of September.  There is also a couple pictures that I will post after the season, or sooner if luck is on my side.  We've also been finding a few scrapes and rubs recently.  One rub we found yesterday morning was very impressing.

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