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Wisconsin Bow Hunting Update - October 31, 2009

Posted by Chrud , 31 October 2009 · 156 views

It was a pretty windy afternoon. Temperatures were in the high 30's with a strong west wind about 15 MPH to 20 MPH. It was overcast with a couple brief snow pellet showers. Quite a change from the 60 degree temperatures on Friday.

I sat by my food plot. The number of pictures on my Cuddeback have dropped significantly the last couple weeks, so I've been a little bummed about this area. About 5:15 PM I heard the definite sound of a whitetail walking in the distance. I looked to the west and spotted the whitetail making it's way towards the food plot. I grabbed my bow, but quickly noticed it was a smaller 7-point buck. With the rut still not in full swing in Wisconsin, this guy got a free pass tonight. The buck fed on my food plot a little bit and worked his way across it towards my stand. He stopped and added some scent to a downed tree and then offered me several broadside, 18 yard shot opportunities. The buck then turned and walked behind my stand. He followed a small valley towards a new logging road we've put in. He then walked east on the road and out of sight. The encounter lasted about 15 minutes or so and was pretty exciting.

This encounter gave me a lot to be optimistic about. One, the buck was within bow range for about 7 or 8 minutes and never once set off my Cuddeback. Just because my picture count has dropped doesn't mean the deer have disappeared. Two, the buck walked right over where I walked and was down-wind of me for several minutes and never smelled me. My scent-free routine seems to be working well.

I will be out again in the morning, likely at my food plot again. I am taking the afternoon off to watch the Packers game. I have Monday off, I'm off work at noon on Thursday and I'm off all day Friday, so I will be in the woods a lot next weekend. By my best guess, the rut should be in full swing by then.

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