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Wisconsin Bow Hunting Update - November 5, 2009

Posted by Chrud , 05 November 2009 · 147 views

This afternoon was a very exciting hunt.  I sat on my food plot again.  Temperatures were in the mid 40's, falling into the middle to lower 30's as the afternoon went on.  Winds were a little breezy from the west but the wind pretty much stopped with about an hour of light left.  Skies were crystal clear, it was a beautiful afternoon.

A little after 3:00 PM I had a red fox show up about 100 yards to the east of my stand.  He curled up and took a nap next to a tree for about 45 minutes.  That was pretty neat to see.

About 4:30 PM I heard a deer walking in my direction, coming in from the southwest.  It was the same small 7-point from last Saturday.  With nothing in the freezer and time running out, I am willing to take a shot at this buck, even though he is below my standards.  The buck made his way onto my food plot, staying on the southern third, so he was out of range and I didn't have a shot because of tree limbs.  After a few minutes he proceeded towards the east.  I think he saw me move a bit as he stopped and was looking in my direction for about 15 minutes.  With light fading fast, the buck turned and headed towards the southeast.  I waited until I could not hear him walking anymore and got down and headed out.  The buck did not spook at all, after he started walking away his body language was very calm.  I didn't bump him on the way out either.

I was treated to a bright orange and red horizon on the way out of the woods.  It was certainly a hunt I won't forget.

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