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Wisconsin Bow Hunting Update - November 7, 2009

Posted by Chrud , 07 November 2009 · 292 views

Things finally came together this morning. The weather was going to take a major turn for the worse this weekend, at least it would be bad for bow hunting. Temperatures were in the upper 30's this morning with clear skies and a lot of fog. According to AccuWeather, the temperatures were supposed to rise quickly and be in the 50's by 7:00 AM. The high in Antigo, Wisconsin today is supposed to be in the middle 60's.

I was sitting by my food plot again, actually thinking back to last year. This was the weekend (actual date was November 8) when I killed my biggest buck to date. I heard some movement to my west, but couldn't see if it was a whitetail moving because of the dense fog. After a couple minutes passed, the deer stepped into sight. It was a small spike, but if he gave me an opportunity I wasn't going to let it pass. Time is running out and the weather is not good. A spike is well below my standards for a whitetail buck, but my standards went out the window this morning.

The spike entered my food plot and was munching on some of the Buck Forage Oats under an apple tree. He started to walk to the northeast, which would offer a shot opportunity. He passed a down tree and was in the open at 21 yards. I drew my Mathews Switchback, gave a soft grunt to stop the buck and let an arrow fly.

I could tell it was a really good hit. The buck turned to and ran towards the southwest. He stopped on the far edge of my food plot, about 40 yards away. He ran a couple more steps and then crashed. The buck ran maybe 25 yards after the shot. This was the first animal I've shot with a 3-blade broadhead, a Muzzy MX-3 to be exact. I was very impressed with the performance. The blood trail was amazing.

Here is a picture of him. I said earlier that I was thinking about the buck I shot on November 8 last year. I shot that buck at 6:46 AM. Today, I shot this spike on November 7, 2009 at 6:38 AM. It is definitely nice to have some meat for the freezer.

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