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Getting Ready For The Wisconsin Gun Season

Posted by Chrud , 16 November 2009 · 476 views

My brother and I got a few different stand options ready for the upcoming Wisconsin Gun Deer Season that starts this Saturday. We put a pop-up ground blind where we will be building an enclosed tower blind for myself next year. It is on the on a big ridge that runs north/south. To the east is a winter wheat field, to the south is the "back woods", to the southeast is another winter wheat field (not much for shooting opportunities, but something to watch) and to the west is the pasture and clover patch. It is a pretty nice spot with a lot of stuff to watch.

We had a really cool encounter when setting up the blind. We drove our ATV's right to the spot. We began discussing the location in normal voices. I jumped into the ATV trailer to get a little better idea as to what an elevated blind would be like here. I looked and there was a buck and doe moving in the bottom of the "back woods". They weren't spooked or anything, even with all the noise we just made. We watched them for a bit and the buck chased the doe a little. He was making a few soft grunts, but then began making very loud, long grunts. I've never heard that before in the woods. I've heard a lot of grunting while bucks chased does, but never loud, long grunts like that.

I also moved my Cuddeback to a new location. I checked my card for the first time since last Thursday and had a couple new bucks on camera, including this nice 8-pointer. He'd be really nice if he makes it through to next year.

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