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Wisconsin Gun Hunting Update - November 22, 2009

Posted by Chrud , 23 November 2009 · 442 views

Weather conditions were quite similar to yesterday, minus the fog. No deer at all today. It has been very slow everywhere. Not many shots in the distance. Between my brother and I, if it wasn't for the three deer I saw Saturday evening on the walk out we wouldn't have seen a single deer yet.

I did have a very frustrating experience late Sunday. I noticed a "hunter" walking on the other side of the fence. No big deal. A little after 4:00 PM, with about a half hour of light left, that "hunter" and three other "hunters" decided to have a little target practice on a tree. They were about 300 yards to my northeast and between the four of them, they fired 16 shots.

It is "hunters" like these guys that fuel my opposition to opening the Wisconsin gun season a week earlier, during the rut. The Wisconsin DNR is proposing a longer, 16-day season, which I'm not necessarily opposed to, especially if they just added a week to the end of the current season or added a week later in the winter. However, allowing these so-called "hunters" in the woods a week earlier, during the rut, is a terrible idea. A lot of bow hunters get accused of having a "better than you" attitude. I hunt deer with a bow, rifle and muzzleloader. I've seen all kinds in the woods and talked with several hunters. I'm come to the conclusion that bow hunters have the most respect for each other, where others are hunting and for the game and land they hunt. Call it a "better than you" if you like, but you'd never see a group of bow hunters making that kind of a disturbance 300 yards from another hunter. Especially with 30 minutes left on the second afternoon of the hunting season. For the enjoyment of the hunt, the benefit for the deer and the land and for my personal safety, I can't imagine having gun season open a week earlier, during the rut.

Now that my rant is over, I'm not going to be able to get back into the woods until Thursday. I will try that blind again, but I'm probably going to head back by my food plot a couple times and set up on the ground later this week. Temperatures are supposed to be closer to normal, yet still warm, later this week. Hopefully that will help the deer activity.

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