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Wisconsin Gun Hunting Update - November 28, 2009

Posted by Chrud , 29 November 2009 · 490 views

With Sunday being the final day of the 2009 Wisconsin Gun Deer Season, I decided that Saturday would be my last day in the woods.  The weather wasn't great, temperatures were in the 40's again, with sunny skies and very little wind.  I was back in my ground blind and didn't see any deer.

This has been a very tough season for all of us.  My brother never saw a single deer from his tower stand.  He did see three deer, but all of those were while he was walking out.  I saw a total of seven, only two were while actually hunting, the rest were while walking in or out of the woods.  I think the unusually warm temperatures have had a lot to do with the lack of deer movement.

The weather is supposed to get cooler again towards the end of next week.  I will have Saturday and Sunday to hunt the Wisconsin Muzzleloader season.  Hopefully better weather, plus the lack of pressure there will be this week will help with the deer movement.

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