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Gearing Up For The 2008 Season

Posted by Chrud , 15 June 2008 · 161 views

With the 2008 Wisconsin whitetail hunting seasons fast approaching, I figured I would make an entry with the weapons I plan on using this season.

- Mathews Switchback
- 70 Pound Draw Weight
- 28" Draw Length
- 65% Let-off
- Schaffer MAT-1 Arrow Rest
- Mathews ArrowWeb One Piece Detachable Quiver
- Montana Black Gold Flashpoint Sight
- Stealth Archery Stabilizer
- LimbSaver Ultras
- Winners Choice Bowstring
- G5 Peep
- Release Loop
- Carter Two Shot Release
- Gold Tip Pro Hunter 55/75 Shafts
- Easy Eye Wrap
- Blazer Vanes
- Muzzy 100 MX-4 Broadheads
- GT Nocks

I made a few changes to my archery setup this year.  A new Winners Choice string, new Gold Tip arrows, a Montana Black Gold Flashpoint sight and I went back to the Schaffer rest.  I've had the Schaffer rest on my Switchback a couple times in the past and now it is on for good.  I've gained a lot of speed and consistency with the new arrows.  They are lighter than my previous arrows, but more importantly they have the right spine.  They are shooting great, but I might try something different next year, something a little heavier.  I would like to be around 400 grains, right now I'm around the 370-375 range.  I really like the new sight and string also.  It's been two years since my bow has kept the right axle-to-axle and brace height measurements more than a week.  Even with broadheads, my bow is shooting better than ever.

- Thompson/Center Encore Pro Hunter
- .50 Caliber
- 250 Grain T/C Shockwave Bullet
- 150 Grains Triple Seven Pellets
- Triple Seven .209 Primers
- Nikon Buckmasters 1X20 Scope


Muzzleloader hunting will be brand new for me this year.  I've probably shot the Pro Hunter about 20 times or so and the open sights are pretty close to where I want them at 50 yards.  Wisconsin has a law that during the blackpowder season you can't have a scope or other sight over 1X.  I might get a 1X scope for it next year, but I'm sticking with open sights for this year.  I will be purchasing more barrels for it in the future.  I would like to get a couple centerfire barrels, making this my centerfire rifle for the gun deer season as well.  Rather than a $500 or $600 camo shotgun for turkey season, I may also look into a camo 12 gauge barrel as well.

Centerfire Rifle
- Savage Model 110
- .30-06 Caliber
- Tasco World Class 3-9X40 Scope
- Federal Premium 180 Grain Nosler Partition Bullets

As you can tell, I don't have nearly the amount of money invested in my centerfire rifle as I do in my bow or muzzleloader.  This gun is the first gun I ever bought with my own money.  Even with the cheap scope, it is a real shooter.  I may change cartridges this fall, I will have to check my inventory.  The current bullets I'm using are almost $40 for a box of 20.  This gun will eventually be turned into a drive / push gun, with a new synthetic stock and a straight 4X scope.

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