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Ready For Bow Hunting

Posted by Chrud , 11 August 2008 · 144 views

With a just over a month until the 2008 Wisconsin bow opener for whitetails, I have everything ready to go.  My Mathews Switchback is shooting better than ever, with great broadhead groupings out to 60 yards.  All my stands are set and ready to go and my food plot is planted and already growing.

Here is a look at an older aerial photo of the land we hunt.  It is about 155 acres in northcentral Wisconsin.  I will explain the colors below and also give a quick description of each of my stand locations.

Black - Property Lines  
  Yellow - Corn Fields  
  Bright Green - Food Plots  
  Dark Green - Mowed Pasture / Clover  
  Red - Stand Locations (My Stands Only)

Food Plot Stand  
  Stand located on the east side of a food plot planted with Buck Forage  Oats. The stand is set up about in the middle of the plot, with a very  old logging road about 15-18 yards to the north running east-west and another running north-south on both ends of the food plot. There is always great buck sign in this area.  The  main bedding areas are probably on the neighbors land to the east. Best  wind is northwest. Only an east wind will burn you in this spot.  
  Waterhole Stand  
Stand is located about 15 yards east of a "waterhole". The only  time there is actually water in it is after a good rain. I have a Deer  Cane mineral site about 17 yards to the north that is getting hammered  (mostly doe and fawn tracks in the mud). The stand is in a small valley  with a long oak ridge directly to the west and a logging road between  the water/mud hole and the ridge. The stand is very close to the  property line, closer than shown. The land to the east is 40 acres that  was owned by a timber company (sort of like public land, but difficult  to access), not sure if it still is or not. Main bedding area is to the  north and east, with a good trail coming from the east to the mineral  site. There are two really nice trails coming down off the ridge, the  trails are actually pretty deep in the ground. Best wind would be  northwest, but because of the ridge the wind tends to swirl a bit.  
  New Stand 1  
Stand is located to the west of a heavily used trail that leads to  my brother's food plot. New stand for this year. It is set up backwards  and I would have to turn to get a shot off. Once the leaves fall I can  see if I can find a better tree for next year. Best wind is an east  wind.  
  New Stand 2  
Stand is located in a small strip of trees that divides a corn  field and a mowed pasture that is lightly planted with clover. This  will be more of an observation stand. In the aerial photo, the big  clump of trees that is to the west is in a big hole that always has a  lot of buck sign. No decoy for this year, but next year this could be a  great spot for a decoy. Best wind is probably a west or south wind.  
  Ladder Stand  
Stand is located on a strip of sparatic trees and tall grass that  almost divides the corn fields. This stand is more setup for gun  hunting that bow hunting. I did have a bow stand about 35 yards to the  north in 2005 and it was one of my most productive stands, deer  sighting wise, that I've ever had. It is only a 10' ladder stand, but I  might try a couple bowhunts from it this year. The action could be  anywhere, so there is really no preferred wind for this stand.

Once the leaves fall, I will try to take a couple pictures from each stand to give you a better idea of the locations.  All spots have been, or have the potential to be great locations.  The only concern I have is "New Stand 1" because a shot will be a little difficult.  Hopefully I can fine tune that spot for next fall.

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