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2008 Wisconsin Deer Classic And Hunting Expo

Posted by Chrud , 24 February 2008 · 192 views

Yesterday we made a trip to Green Bay for the 2008 Wisconsin Deer Classic and Hunting Expo. This is the second time we've attended the "Classic" and the show has really grown. There were a lot of booths to get information from and some really great taxidermy mounts on display. Something I really enjoyed was "The Great American Whitetail Collection", which were mounts of some of the biggest whitetails ever taken. The World Record Typical buck killed by Milo Hanson was there. I was really surprised by this buck. The width and tine length is incredible, but there is hardly any mass to it. The rack doesn't really look all that big in person. But, it is still very impressive.

We sat in on some great seminars too. Greg Abbas from "A-Way Outdoors" had a really interesting seminar on turkey hunting. I learned a few new tricks that would be very helpful. We also watch a cooking seminar which was really neat.

The highlight of the show for me was getting to meet Greg Miller. He is my favorite hunting personality. Being from Wisconsin is a big reason. I also have all his books and am learning a lot from them. Greg is a very nice person. He is starting his own television show and production company this year. This summer, "In-Pursuit with Greg Miller" will be airing on The Outdoor Channel. Greg showed some incredible video from his new show during the seminar. Another Wisconsin hunter, Doug Below, who is from my hometown of Antigo also had a nice seminar. He'll be teaming up with Greg Miller and will be providing video footage for Greg's show also. You can check out some pictures and info about Greg's new show at his website, http://www.inpursuittv.com/.

We're already looking forward to heading back for the 2009 Wisconsin Deer Classic and Hunting Expo.

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