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One Week Until The Wisconsin Bow Opener

Posted by Chrud , 06 September 2008 · 168 views

It's just one week until the 2008 Wisconsin archery season opens.  I'm really excited for this year.  I'm interested to see how my new setups will work out this year.

I'm pretty happy with the progress of my food plot.  Because the plot is in the woods, the very dry conditions this summer haven't had too much of an effect on it because of the morning dew.  I would say about 85% of the plot is growing great, 8" or better in some spots.  Unfortunately, the area near my stand isn't looking quite as good so far.  The turkeys have do a lot of dusting in there and that has had an impact.  Also, that particular spot gets a lot of sun and not as much morning dew, so that might have an impact also.  It is growing in that spot, but only an inch or two in spots.  Some more rain and it should take off better in those spots.  I'm not too concerned.

My brother's plot isn't looking as good.  The half that was planted this spring is great.  And the trick we tried with letting last year's rye grow and discing it under worked great as that is already green again and up 6" or better in spots.  But, half of his plot that is Buck Oats and other seeds isn't growing much at all.  And where it is it is very spotty and only about an inch tall.  His whole plot looks to be a huge dusting bowl for turkeys too.  I can't believe how much damage those turkeys have cause to our food plots.

I'm thinking of trying a new approach this year also.  Usually I don't hunt much in the mornings early in the season.  I don't care to hunt Sunday afternoons because a kill at dark (after 7:00 PM) could mean a long night with work early Monday morning.  I think my weekend hunting plans will be Saturday afternoon and Sunday mornings until the 3rd week of October.  Starting that 3rd week of October I will hunt every chance I get.

I'm not sure what the plan is for next Saturday yet.  If the weather is good I will probably get in the woods for a couple hours Saturday morning.  Not sure where I'd sit, the wind will determine that.

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