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Wisconsin Bow Hunting Update - September 20, 2008

Posted by Chrud , 23 September 2008 · 126 views

I finally had the chance to get into the woods last weekend for my first bowhunt of the year (Saturday, September 20).  The weather was hot and very humid.  Temperatures were in the 60's, partly sunny skies and a light northwest wind.  I sat by my food plot for the morning sit and didn't see any deer activity.  I thought I heard a deer walking on the other side of the food plot, but with most of the leaves still green and on the trees, it was impossible to see if there was a deer in the area.  There is some good sign by my food plot, lots of tracks and the deer are eating the Buck Forage Oats a bit.  Once it freezes a couple times they'll be hammering it.

The afternoon sit did produce some deer activity, but also a bit of frustration.  Temperatures were in the 70's and it was still pretty humid, partly sunny skies and a light east wind.  I decided to sit my brand new stand overlooking a trail.  In a previous entry, I said how the stand was "backwards" from my normal setups.  I did think I could manage to shoot out of that stand, but when I got in and drew my bow, I ran into a couple problems.  With the angle to my shooting lane, there is no way I can draw my bow.  I get about 2/3's drawn, and then my arm hits the tree.  I couldn't find any other suitable tree.  However, I think if I rotate the stand about 110 degrees to the right, it would be setup better and back to "normal" for me.

So, I decided to make a move to my stand near the cornfield.  It is a very neat location, you can see a lot of country.  About 6:15 PM I noticed a couple deer running in the distance, probably about 500 yards away.  They appeared to be running out from behind the barn and up into the woods.  It was a pretty slow day, but I did see some deer.

Between the morning and afternoon sits, we set up a new Ameristep G30 hub blind I purchased.  It is along a wooded/brush fence line along one of the cornfields.  There is an apple tree less than 20 yards away that is loaded with apples on the top half.  The bottom half has been picked clean.  There are always scrapes in this area during the last couple weeks of October, and there are at least three or four really good trails leading to the field.  This spot is about a 5 minute walk from the barn.  The great thing is I can sit this spot after work on Friday's since it is close to the house.

There are a couple racing specials the next two weekends.  We are planning to go to one to watch this weekend, and then we are racing in the other one the first weekend in October.  My hunting these next couple weekends will probably be limited at best, so it will be a great time to make the adjustment to that new stand location.

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