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Opening Day Upland 2016

Posted by Coalman , 01 October 2016 · 1,381 views

10-01-16AMFound enough grapes in our NH cover we should contact a vineyard. Or Stonewall Kitchen.I'm hoping for a couple good frosts to start fermentation. I could use any advantage.The grouse were there. It is thicker than an Amazon jungle. Many encounters. one visual.PMBack to the cover I found the last day of the Maine Season 2015. I swear this was cut...


More Bugs

Posted by Coalman , 26 August 2016 · 848 views

08-20-16Great Day on Great Bay checking lobster traps and striped bass fishing. Eight lobsters otherwise known as dinner. http://i134.photobuc...8-20-16 web.jpg


Even More Bugs And Bass

Posted by Coalman , 26 August 2016 · 832 views

08-15-16 PMMotored right out to Fox Point. Slung slime in all of my drifts. No love. Motored back to Adam’s Point. Cast to the closest curl of the rip to shore with my eel. Wasn’t really expecting anything because it is an outgoing rip and it had just started incoming. Then a keeper, 28.5” latched on to the circle hook. http://...


More Bugs And Bass

Posted by Coalman , 26 August 2016 · 879 views

More Bugs And Bass 08-01-16It was really slim pickings out there Saturday. We had four keepers in the first two traps. Then we hit the wall. The next thirteen traps three keepers of which one was a nice female and she got the release of life, minus a small notch in her rear right flipper. Weird thing is out of six keepers, five were hard shell or new ocean arrivals. I'...


Best Day On Great Bay

Posted by Coalman , 31 July 2016 · 909 views

07-30-16Best day ever checking lobster pots.It wasn't about quantity.It was all about quality.Finest first and lifelong mate ever!Love you babe! http://i134.photobuc...rs 07-30-16.jpg  http://i134.photobuc...obsters 1 07...


Low Bridge

Posted by Coalman , 31 July 2016 · 690 views

07-26-16Very few times in the last 19 years of being on my slip has the water been too high for me to pass under the Newfields-Stratham railroad trestle. Add another time to the list last night. Saw this guy when I stepped on the ramp to the boats. Knew I was in trouble by how high up the marsh the water was. http://i134.photobucket.com/alb...


Great Bay Boat Ride

Posted by Coalman , 31 July 2016 · 755 views

7-23-16The weather is hot. Real hot. No significant rain in over a month. We are in a drought.Thank goodness the Bay is controlled by the tides and not precipitation. There is plenty of salt....water. Good day on the Bay this AM. Still catching over a pound per trap. The catch held the same the last three weeks but because of the heat and warming wat...


Lobsters And Fireworks

Posted by Coalman , 31 July 2016 · 429 views

Lobsters And Fireworks 07-17-16Spent a few hours pulling traps in a hot New England sun today. The first two traps held four keepers each. The next three traps, nothing, zilch, nada. By the time all the traps were checked over 25 pounds of lobsters found their way into the keeper car. Good day on Great Bay! Fireworks from the NH Independence Museum Day on the Squ...


Company Cookout

Posted by Coalman , 15 July 2016 · 513 views

Company Cookout 07-15-16We are having a company cookout today. They are supplying the Turf, hamburgers and hotdogs. I'm supplying the Surf. 18 bugs. Cooked and broke them apart last night. Have the shell crackers and the picks. The keeper car is empty. 15 traps have been soaking for a week. Time to replenish. Is it lunch time yet?


Slinging Slime

Posted by Coalman , 12 July 2016 · 409 views

Slinging Slime 07-10-16Chock up another finfish. Caught a 14" winter flounder yesterday. My buddy is trapping Dungeness Crab in Puget Sound in Washington state. He sent a picture of a dogfish in the crab trap. Same results today as the week before. Better than a pound per trap yet four traps were duds. Did some repositioning of the duds to more fertile ground....

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