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Belle And Birds 2015 Is Officially Over

Posted by Coalman , 01 January 2016 · 182 views

12-31-15I just couldn't let it lie. After those last few fabulous trips to the Lakes Region and hearing whirling wings in my sleep I had to give it one more shot, literally. So I begged, borrowed and stole a half day off work this afternoon and headed to the Swamp. http://i134.photobuc...e/Belle and ...


Grouse, God And Billy Goat Pond

Posted by Coalman , 27 December 2015 · 206 views

12-26-15Having moved quite a few birds last week above NH's Big Lake I had a week to study topo maps and Google Earth for a much anticipated return trip. The forester who originally told me about this piece suggested more than a few times that we visit the wilderness pond. I asked him what direction it was from the parking area. He answered "head sou...


Project Upland

Posted by Coalman , 23 December 2015 · 222 views

There is just something about following my dog and taking my gun for a walk chasing the King of fall game birds I can't describe in words. Please take two minutes and walk in my footsteps with the Ruffed Grouse Society. http://projectupland.com/


A Maine New Hampshire Weekend

Posted by Coalman , 21 December 2015 · 190 views

Maine on Saturday, eleven encounters. Saw seven. Shot at two. Ate McDonald's for dinner. Highlight of the day was flushing two triples here. Six birds flushed in ten minutes. http://i134.photobuc...15/IMG_1889.jpg  One weekend left in the season. I call rematch. Sunday...


I Love This Dog!

Posted by Coalman , 16 December 2015 · 228 views

Pittsburg, NH 12-12-15Six hours hunting. Flushed five partridge. all wild, shot one bird. Every good looking cover along the roads were trampled like a pheasant release site. Probably had something to do with the dozens of cabins for rent in Pittsburg. Miss Dirty Belly Belle http://i134.photobuc...y Belle/Bell...


Trail Camera Checks

Posted by Coalman , 06 December 2015 · 280 views

Just because you don't have the proper deer tags in your pocket doesn't mean you can't still hunt with a trail camera. After my son and I shot our deer we went back and set three trail cameras. The cameras have been out since November 14th. On my first card check 11-25 there over 150 videos.The highlight being the seven pointer from 2014. Same r...


Last Day Of Deer Season Grouse Hunt

Posted by Coalman , 06 December 2015 · 268 views

12-06-15Being the last day of deer season I was thankful when we pulled into the vacant parking area. Not that we did want to share the deer, we were there to partridge hunt with Belle. Our two and a half hour hunt went far beyond expectation. We moved a lot of birds. Of those Belle flushed three doubles and a couple singles. The others flushed wild....


2Nd Choice State

Posted by Coalman , 29 November 2015 · 252 views

I'm just a happy homeboy from Exeter, NH. I haven't traveled a whole lot but when I do there has been no place like home. I'm proud to be native NH. Walking behind Belle on a ruffed grouse hunt yesterday morning in Exeter and not flushing any birds my mind wandered to where in the USA could I relocate that offered the same or better than what coastal...

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