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Thanksgiving Bird Hunt

Posted by Coalman , 29 November 2015 · 253 views

11-26-15Belle and I were out for a short pre-Thanksgiving hunt. No birds flushed.  Gave thanks I got to spend some time in the woods with my best canine friend. http://i134.photobuc...t2011-26-15.jpg


Off With Your Head

Posted by Coalman , 11 November 2015 · 282 views

11-08-15Hunting partridge with Belle today I saw her looking at this log with great interest. I found this chipmunk just the way you see it. My first guess was an owl. "Off with your Head." http://i134.photobuc...ad 11-08-15.jpg  Update:I contacted NH F&G and here...


Good Day For Hunters. Bad Day For Deer

Posted by Coalman , 08 November 2015 · 396 views

11-07-15 AMThe stars were in line with the crescent moon as Shawn and I exited the vehicle on the way to our deer stands. One could not help but notice how bright Venus, Mars and Jupiter were next to the sliver of our child moon. I asked Shawn if he saw the dark figures silhouetted against the astronomical light in the field. He said yes as three fig...


Opening Day 2015 New Hampshire Deer Season

Posted by Coalman , 03 November 2015 · 370 views

10-31-15Today is opening day of NH's 2015 deer season. Shawn, Darel and I were set up at first light with smoke poles in hand. Shawn saw five deer. Two does, two skippers and a spike buck. They live. I saw four deer. Two skippers and two unidentified. It was hard holding off shooting with walking fillet mignon right under my stand. I'll probably...


Last Day For A Month

Posted by Coalman , 30 October 2015 · 199 views

10-30-15Deer season opens tomorrow. Trapping season opens November 1st .Today was our last day until December to have a peace of mind. Thank you to the Society for the Protection of NH Forests for the room to roam. http://i134.photobuc...15/IMG_1821.jpg  Teach them young......


More Upland Adventures

Posted by Coalman , 27 October 2015 · 271 views

10-22-15Back from Maine's Great North Woods. Had a great time following the yellow dog around some really nice bird cover in the peak of fall foliage. While there were flushes and lots of missed shots the most memorable bird was our first. I swear Belle knows what she is doing when she quarters along the logging trails. She casts out to the left or r...


A Weekend With Mr Doodle

Posted by Coalman , 12 October 2015 · 319 views

10-10-15I was thinking today that a quarter of October has already gone by. That thought occurred to me in a fertile river bottom chasing Mr. Doodle with Miss Belle. It could of been the rainbow of color from the multiple species of ferns? Or the whistle of the unseen wood duck. The blustery wind dislodging leaves devoid of chlorophyll? Dodging multi...


Upland Season Begins

Posted by Coalman , 04 October 2015 · 328 views

10-01-15Great opening day. Three hour hunt in No Man's Land. 3 woodcock 2 shots no birds. 4 partridge 1 shot 1bird. YOY. Very small.Bet I saw no less than 100 turkeys today. 27 + bottom of hill at camp. 5 in camp yard last night. October 1 fulfilled my upland lust. 10-02-15 NHStarted day with BIL and Belle in NH where we scouted a couple weeks a...



Posted by Coalman , 27 September 2015 · 348 views

09-27-15Checked out a new piece of property yesterday morning on my way up to camp. At first I wondered if I was in the right place seeing the parking area wasn't flattened down from vehicles and there was no dog park dog poop on the trails. A place like this near my house would gets lots of traffic. No sooner as we started down the first straig...


Family Grounds Beaver Pond

Posted by Coalman , 22 September 2015 · 304 views

09-21-15Family Grounds Beaver Pond. Here is Bay in 2012. http://i134.photobuc...bay08-29-12.jpg  Here is Belle in 2015 http://i134.photobuc...ds 09-21-15.jpg  I'm OK with it since I am not a...

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