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Second Week, Second Peck

Posted by Coalman , 21 September 2015 · 334 views

09-19-15Oh well the bassin' and buggin' may be over but the clammin' is just getting going. Second week..... Second peck http://i134.photobuc...19-15 Clams.jpg  It was gorgeous out there this morning so when I got home I rounded up the wife and we went on a boat ride/fishing trip. The fi...


Belle And Birds 2015

Posted by Coalman , 20 September 2015 · 345 views

09-20-15It has been hot. Real hot! Over ten degrees more than the average here in coastal NH. Along with the heat the humidity has been oppressive. Not your ideal training weather. Well according to New England tradition,  the weather...she's a changing. I've been working Belle along tote roads this month as it imitates our partridge hunting sty...


Bugs And Bass 2015.....is Over

Posted by Coalman , 14 September 2015 · 332 views

Bugs and Bass 2015....is over.09-12-15Who needs a Seafood Festival when we have Great Bay?Today the soft shell clam season opened. We are allowed one peck and one peck it was. Oyster season is also open. Nothing like picking them up off the bottom as you wade around. http://i134.photobuc...rn/IMG_1711.jpg  The saddest part t...


Birthday Boat Ride

Posted by Coalman , 04 September 2015 · 337 views

09-03-15The beautiful lady below is the reason I am able to live a dream. Today is my birthday and it was her idea to take the boat out on Great Bay and stop for lunch. We went to Lexie's Landing at Great Bay Marina. http://i134.photobuc...0903_124604.jpg  Monday will be our 30th wedding anniv...


Full Moon Stripers

Posted by Coalman , 30 August 2015 · 328 views

08-30-15Left the dock in darkness at 0500. By 0530 on our first drift, under the fading light of a full moon, Joe put this striper in the boat. http://i134.photobuc...51f2b887026.jpg  Two more sub legal bass found the landing net. We counted over twelve seals at Sunk Ledge...


Celebration Of Life

Posted by Coalman , 25 August 2015 · 293 views

08-24-15Our Dad would have been 86 years old today. In his last few good years we would always take a trip out into Great Bay in search of a striped bass or two to celebrate. Tonight Shawn and I did our best to keep that tradition alive. Out to Fox Point we went and the bass didn't or should I say Dad didn't let us down. The bass were literally boili...


Eight Years Ago Today

Posted by Coalman , 23 August 2015 · 363 views

08-23-15OTW at 0700. Rollers in the river are never good. A strong NE wind met me as I cleared the trestle. The incoming tide kept the waves just under white caps. The boat ran on top like a surfer. The wind in my face was the only nuisance. Eight years ago today I shared a much better weather day on Great Bay with my friend, Richard Cummings. We all...


Bugs And Bass Updates

Posted by Coalman , 16 August 2015 · 292 views

08-08-15Checked the first trap and had a keeper lobster. That was NOT the way the rest of the tending went. Caught some shorts and an unfamiliar fish that slipped through the trap wire before I could steal its picture. Where I notched the berried female and released her next to the babe boat a month ago I believe I caught the same lobster. She was still h...


Twins And A Pool Party

Posted by Coalman , 13 August 2015 · 303 views

My brother in law sent me this picture of twin fawns he took 07-31-15. http://i134.photobuc...ns 07-31-15.jpg  Just before I left work last night my neighbor sent me this picture he entitled Pool Party. When I got home my wife was looking out back. The brood was in our yard. First time we have...


Fillet Of Sole

Posted by Coalman , 03 August 2015 · 273 views

08-01-15The lobster crawl has settled down. Less lobsters today than traps. But still enough for a couple feeds. It is all about August and the rising water temps. Today 73 to 75 degree surface water temperature. It is time for the off shore trappers to shine. June and early July favor the Bay's and river because we warm up quicker. August favors the...

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