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Squealing Lobsters

Posted by Coalman , 16 August 2008 · 142 views

The Bay was beautiful this morning. Adam's point left. Thomas Point right.

Newmarket's water tower center.

I am thinking of visiting the butcher rather than the fish bait dealers. The pork worked very well.

Second trap, four keepers. The first three traps had eight keepers.

The lobster are not the only thing coming out of shed. I caught...


Song Dogs

Posted by Coalman , 13 August 2008 · 122 views

Maybe if I write about it I can talk myself out of it.  

On the ride home from the boat tonight I passed an old trappin' permit and watched a big boar coon scoot across the road.

My mind was instantly on the trapline. I have a strong urge to put #1.75 ankle bracelets on a few song dogs this fall. I have two pieces of property where my incidental catch...



Posted by Coalman , 13 August 2008 · 128 views

Mow the lawn or go fishing? Hard choice.

Took a couple guys from work with me tonight. Watched a boat catch a keeper with tube and worm. The eels didn't perform tonight.

I never wet a line tonight. I had more fun trying to get them to catch a fish. They were good students.


08/09/08 Am

Posted by Coalman , 10 August 2008 · 116 views

08/09/08 AM

Got a chance to share the lobster line with my good friend mmskunk today.
Skunk has a buddy who butchered a stud boar pig. The results were not palatable. Hence lobster bait.

We caught a very small lobster today.

It could have easily been mistaken for a crayfish.

The water was stained brown from the excess of fresh water entering the...


08/09/08 Pm

Posted by Coalman , 10 August 2008 · 106 views

08/09/08 PM

Took a ride down to the marsh tonight. The bait showed up at sunset.

I am a boat striper fisherman at heart. But since a few forays with MM and 24/7 members I am taking a liking to surf-casting.
I know my chances of landing keeper fish are slim in the local creeks I have been fishing. But the challenge is the finding, not the catching.

In my...


The Maa_sshh

Posted by Coalman , 07 August 2008 · 104 views

Took a coastline cruise this evening. The high tide made the rocks treacherous. The debris was in the first wave.

So I headed to the Maa_ssshh.

The tide was moving out. The baitfish were tight to the creek mouths.

Saw a few fisherman throwing chunk bait. Headed back to the truck for the secret weapon.

I found a shortcut creek on a tight bend. The bait...


The Rock Weed Beach

Posted by Coalman , 06 August 2008 · 537 views

Tonight was my first trip to the Rock Weed Beach. Just missed high tide.

I cast up and down the beach on a falling tide.

Wish I had caught a fish.


Fog And Solitude

Posted by Coalman , 04 August 2008 · 140 views

It was a lazy day today. The fog and humidity were heavy. Saw these 5 gobblers on the way to the boat.

The river was calm.

The days of summer are upon the Great Bay but there is a noticeable drop in boat traffic. The fisherman are out but there are very few recreational boaters. Even the yak traffic is down. I noticed Adam's Point Marina...


An Evening Boat Ride..........

Posted by Coalman , 01 August 2008 · 100 views

After the thunderstorms proved to be much more than a cruise. It was like going to the gym. And I really worked the Ugly Stik. We caught fish from 20 inches to 40 pounds.
I lost my biggest fish at the boat. The hook came out. It had to be in the 40 pound range. I had no control of the fish. Never even saw it. It stayed down the whole time. That is when you...


Bugs And Bass

Posted by Coalman , 27 July 2008 · 99 views

Was on the water tonight for a couple hours. An original Bayman had bestowed on me a couple of his favorite fishing holes and I wanted to explore them.
I found the spot but missed the tide he recommended. The first two drifts produced bites on each.
Note to self........get out early enough Saturday to catch the right tide.

07/26/08 AM
XP600 came...

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