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Great Bay All Nighta'

Posted by Coalman , 22 July 2008 · 102 views

It took a week of prep work. The USS Coalman  is now outfitted for nocturnal use. Two spotlights, a marine radio and a trolling motor give her another dimension.

Friday night was an electrical storm washout. I was ready. At the dock with the boat loaded when I could hear the thunder boomers coming from the west. I heeded Mother natures warning,...


"dialing In"

Posted by Coalman , 19 July 2008 · 84 views

I just run a hobby lobster trapping line. Too many and not enough traps. It is fun to describe to you my adventures with the Deadliest Catch diaologue. It is the harvest that makes me feel kin, not the methods. Please don't take me too serious as I ramble.

Sometimes you just know the line is going to produce. The gear is in proper order, the...



Posted by Coalman , 13 July 2008 · 178 views

The bugs are moving and I need some bait.
Checked 29 out of 30 traps tonight. Only 5 keepers. No shorts.
My buddy fished his 30 traps today and got 18 keepers. I plan on getting some herring Saturday and re-bait the line. I don't think the Sealure puts down as good a scent trail as fresh fish bait.

The water is warming up and the bugs are moving back...



Posted by Coalman , 13 July 2008 · 79 views


The fog was THICK on the Bay this morning. The GPS and the breadcrumb trail rules.

Didn't have much faith in the sets after last Wednesday's poor showing. When I got out there the place was a mess. A huge tide 8' 2" on 06/30/08 had dispersed my traps. It was a long morning in the search and rescue mode.

Because of the tide...



Posted by Coalman , 13 July 2008 · 102 views

My favorite show is the Deadliest Catch. They talk about "rhythm". They talk about "dialing in". I know what it is like to"work the rail".

The Bay was my Bering Sea tonight. She was blowing a steady 20 mph.
The tide and the wind made the traps come up under the boat. Not the best fishing conditions. But I had a good...


"stacking The Deck."

Posted by Coalman , 13 July 2008 · 113 views

Met up with XP600 and bdragon in The Bay Friday night. After exchanging gifts, XP brought me a dozen eels, I sent them home with lobsters, we fished some skinny water. The bass didn't cooperate.

I have a good idea where the lobsters are hanging out. It is not where I had my first 8 sets. All empty.

Time to "stack the...


07/05/08 The Continuing Adventures Of Captain Dan And Coalman

Posted by Coalman , 06 July 2008 · 155 views

I have been looking forward to this trip. It was a year ago Dan put his 2 personal best (PB) 35 pound striped bass in his boat. Our striped bass adventures in August and September saw fish measured in pounds not inches.

We got on the water about 10:30 PM. We were armed with a cooler full of eels. The first couple hours were slow. All we managed to do was...


Stripers 24/7 In Old Orchard Beach, Me

Posted by Coalman , 02 July 2008 · 254 views

I am a member of Stripers 24/7. We meet up and down the eastern seaboard following the migratory route of the Striped Bass. This weekend the outing was at Old Orchard Beach, ME. The weather was cold, wet and miserable. But we did land some bass.
Please come along in my pictorial.

Our own part of Ne're Beach Campground.

The Pig Roast was...



Posted by Coalman , 25 June 2008 · 166 views

The prep work is done. The USS Coalman is on the slip. 30 lobster traps are lurking the waters of Great Bay.

Saw some younger folks setting a 5 trap string Saturday. On my way in I thought my trap was a little close to theirs. So in order for my piece of mind and to take any temptation away I decided to move the trap. I had only set it 48 hours earlier...



Posted by Coalman , 25 June 2008 · 148 views

Tonight was the first full check of the line. I am pulling up to my first string of the year. You are looking at Great Bay National Wildlife Reserve.

I wish I was an Indian for a day.

There are some great untapped treasures in Great Bay. How many Tautog fisherman do you know. This is a very ugly fish. It is not common this far north. The meat is a...

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