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Web Sites And Fishing Partners

Posted by Coalman , 14 June 2008 · 147 views

I would like to share this with you. From my time here I know this is a family. A family thats shares our hobbies and addictions.

My local family is Whitetail Zone. I met all the participants of this post on-line. We live close and go on web hunts and web fishing trips together. Today was to Joppa Flats in the Merrimack River Newburyport, MA. We went...


4 Th And Goal

Posted by Coalman , 31 May 2008 · 152 views


It has all come down to today, the last day of the season. The Super Bowl of Maine Turkey Hunting 2008. There will only be one winner. May the best team win.

We did not get here by winning our way through the playoffs. We were called up to the big game by an unused Maine turkey tag in my brother-in-laws (BIL) pocket.

We were the...



Posted by Coalman , 29 May 2008 · 150 views

This is bothering me . I need to talk about it because so few understand. Put it this way. I did not kill him outright.

Reverse to Saturday and Sunday. I hunted hard, very hard. Till noon each day. The weather was gorgeous. I walked miles. Heard a few courtesy gobbles and saw a tom but they would not play.

Monday was a repeat. One roost gobble by a jake...



Posted by Coalman , 29 May 2008 · 158 views

Some good news to report..........

My buddy had no clue about my misadventure Monday. I got a voice mail at 0630 this morning. He was riding past the farm on his way to work and there were 5 turkeys out in the front field. That is how many were together Monday when I pulled in.

So what would any respectable working man turkey hunter do with 3 days left in...



Posted by Coalman , 29 May 2008 · 157 views

Got to hunt the "Pond Gobbler" Thursday morning. He has been making sporadic appearances at the farm. He was spotted Wednesday evening. Thursday morning he gobbled three times then went to the highest point in the field and stood there and displayed. He was happy. I was not.   Best part of the morning were the three whippoorwills just blasting...



Posted by Coalman , 29 May 2008 · 166 views

This morning I set in an island in the field facing where I thought they might roost. Henrietta was set up pretty on a little knoll. I was facing a fresh cut field of hay with a freshly planted cornfield to my back.

There is a train switching station across the river. The noise of the locomotive drowned out any chance to hear distant gobbling. The first...


Me And My "pardner"

Posted by Coalman , 19 May 2008 · 171 views

We don't have too much to report. He's been hanging with me though. Have you ever seen the commercials with the good guy and bad guy on each shoulder? Well I think "Pardner" has been watching too.
Depending which shoulder I hang him on, he is full of suggestions. Move? Stay? This place sucks? Maybe around the next corner?  He's been...



Posted by Coalman , 16 May 2008 · 167 views

Maine Turkey Camp 2008 Day One.
It was a long walk into Boss Hollow this morning. I wanted to be early and get into the White Oak Flat Gobblers (WOFG) breakfast table. As predicted he was in Boss Hollow. He didn't gobble much. I heard other turkeys gobbling a long ways away down at the river. I suppressed the urge to move on them. At 0700 I heard a bird...



Posted by Coalman , 16 May 2008 · 166 views

Day 2 Chapter 1.
Since I have been hunting the Log Pile field the landowner has been reclaiming the fields. The Log Pile is gone. The Mustang Blind is now barren mud. The field up tight to the mountain is now twice the size. The brush at the field edge we made a blind in Saturday is now naked next to the skidder. Another 20’ of field was reclaimed...



Posted by Coalman , 16 May 2008 · 161 views

Maine Turkey Camp 2008. Day 3.
I made it to my preplanned listening spot right on time. My first hoot was answered by a gobble not 150 yards away. Then things got interesting. Turkey’s started gobbling in front of me, behind me and as far off as I could hear.
I never made a sound till they flew down. I got set up next to the pond. I bet I could have hidden...

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