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Posted by Coalman , 16 May 2008 · 153 views

Teamed up with my brother in law this morning. We hunted a big piece of conservation land. For me this was a memory hunt. A bird would be a bonus. The woods were alive with barred owls this morning.

You have to play this one.........turn it up.

To appreciate this one.

We parked a vehicle on each end of the piece. We checked in about 0530 and neither...


Maine Turkey Camp 2008

Posted by Coalman , 02 May 2008 · 154 views

Camp opens Sunday 05/04. No 60 mile drive each way. I went a couple weeks ago to check out the campsite. I am lucky to have a co-worker with a few acres in the area of Maine I hunt. The land was inherited. She tells me lots of stories of the old homestead.
My camper is going to be parked where my truck is. Flat and level. No power anymore to the pole. We...


Moose Mtn Hike In Memory Of Flight #946

Posted by Coalman , 29 April 2008 · 406 views

Mmskunk knows my fondness for Moose Mountain. I shot my first NH fall turkey below it's towering peaks. I got a PM from mmskunk this winter about the crash of Northeast Airlines Yellowbird Flight #946 on October 25,1968 into the side of the South Peak. We made plans to visit the site during my visit to hunt turkey with Ziggy and family. In order to...


Nh's 2008 Youth Turkey Hunting Weekend

Posted by Coalman , 29 April 2008 · 154 views

I knew this was going to be a ladies hunt.

I was very proud of Ashley Saturday morning. The set up was ready made. Ashley and Ziggy were under the pine directly behind Henrietta. Zachary was under the pine to the left. I was sitting against the stone wall next to the first hardwood tree right of Ashley.

We had 3 gobblers behind us and down the...



Posted by Coalman , 23 April 2008 · 157 views

I have read a lot of of turkey hunting experiences on other web sites this spring. Something that stands out is, he's gobbling good from the tree, he flies down and gobbles a little more and then goes silent. Or he flies down answers your call but goes the other way.

Something I have not read a lot about is Strut Zones. I feel I have become a better...



Posted by Coalman , 19 April 2008 · 150 views

Went out with father and daughter this morning. One thing about the honey hole is you have to get there at O dark hundred. The birds roost in hardwoods and without the leaves on the trees can see your approach. As we neared the spot we could see silhouetted birds on the roost against the lighted skyline.

One thing I think helped us get that close is we...



Posted by Coalman , 16 April 2008 · 147 views

I spent the dawn with a good friend in some turkey saturated woods. On our walk to the listening spot there were already three jakes on the ground. They saw us and flew back into the trees. The gobbling turkeys were in 4 groups. The farthest away we could barely hear. There was some good hen talk on the roost today. I got into a challenge gobble...


04/12/08 Continued

Posted by Coalman , 14 April 2008 · 130 views

I took this picture in 2005. The camp is down the road to the right. This looked like an old tack shop.

Sadly this year nature took 'er back.

Lot of these sugar buckets are around.....

This old foundation is off the tack barn. This place reeks history.

The road now comes off the ridge and swings down to this brook. I took these pictures for my...


04/12/08 Pm

Posted by Coalman , 14 April 2008 · 126 views

After the sun came out at mid day I could not control the urge. A hike was in order. I have turkey hunted a special piece of woods for a few years. I have yet to shoot a longbeard there. The piece of unbroken land is huge. It is an all morning spot. The woods are physically challenging.
I could use some company. Please come along. It all starts with the...



Posted by Coalman , 12 April 2008 · 123 views

I am getting pretty good with Skunks 'R' Us.

Got skunk #2 today. Another big one. Much more black backed. Pulled the trap and set it at my house. I got one of those pesky buggers out back. Doesn't help the neighbors on both sides of us lawns look like they got harrowed by skunks looking for grubs.

You never know what your...

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