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First Gobbles Of The Season

Posted by Coalman , 05 April 2008 · 126 views

Went out this morning to where I shot my NH bird last season. I heard the first gobble about 0600. What a stimulating sound.

The birds were roosted on the other side of the river. Took a walk to the rivers edge and they were out on the marsh. It was very low light conditions so I used the night setting on the camera. That is why they are blurry. You need...



Posted by Coalman , 03 April 2008 · 159 views

Got a call from Mom this morning that the door was down and the critter inside had a big furry tail. I got skunk #1.

Packed for transportation.

I tried taking a picture as I released it. I admit any skunk is like a loaded gun. I am always nervous. The pics didn't come out. I reset the trap tonight. I haven't met a skunk yet who couldn't...



Posted by Coalman , 03 April 2008 · 163 views

I noticed Monday evening on a visit to my parents house that the skunks were after the grubs on their lawn.

I set a trap tonight



Posted by Coalman , 03 April 2008 · 166 views

What a difference 50 miles southeast will do. I walked the border town again Sunday afternoon. Very little snow. The turkey beat me there.
I brought this back for you to see.



Posted by Coalman , 03 April 2008 · 173 views

Jay and I took a hike (snowshoe) Saturday afternoon. It was really pretty cool. We used maps to find the access points. We parked a vehicle at each end of the old road so as not to backtrack. We went into some glorious turkey woods. It is a couple miles through. We had such a good time we are planning a repeat for this coming weekend. But this time we are...



Posted by Coalman , 03 April 2008 · 253 views

"Go south my friend to the no snow zone" is what I was thinking the other night trying to think of a place where my boots would touch leaves and no snow.  I recalled a class six road in a town along the border with our MA neighbors.  100 feet into my journey and the road was littered with turkey scratchings.

The last time I was here was 10 years...



Posted by Coalman , 03 April 2008 · 153 views

There is a piece of woods close to home that habit calls me to each spring. The snow knocks down the grass in the roads and you can walk briskly through great wetlands.
Tonight was my first pilgrimage of 2008. Not a quarter mile in I thought I saw someone coming up the trail. Strange though they had 4 legs.

It wandered off into the woods about thirty...


My Sportsman Journal

Posted by Coalman , 03 April 2008 · 205 views

I would like to thank Hunting Resources for the opportunity for a place to write about my daily journeys as a sportsman. I try and make the land and sea a part of my everyday life.

I would also like to thank my wife and family. For without their support I would not be able to live the dream.

Turkey season is coming up. Spring is my favorite time of year....


First Woods Walk Of 2010

Posted by Coalman , 02 January 2004 · 214 views

I took Bay for a walk in the woods this morning. In a 24 hour period or one night cycle after a snow fall gives you a good idea what is around for wildlife. During our outing we spotted a lot of critter sign in the fresh snow.

We cut deer tracks not a couple hundred yards in. They were heading out of some softwood into the hardwoods. I bet we could have...

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