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Posted by Coalman , 03 April 2008 · 252 views

"Go south my friend to the no snow zone" is what I was thinking the other night trying to think of a place where my boots would touch leaves and no snow.  I recalled a class six road in a town along the border with our MA neighbors.  100 feet into my journey and the road was littered with turkey scratchings.

The last time I was here was 10 years ago. It was mildly posted back then. Now it looks like the land owners have all bought stock in a posted sign company. I counted 4 different landowners to the left of the road.
After you get by the wildlife sanctuary on the right side of the road the woods looks hunt-able. But it would only be a tease. The prime habitat is in the posted land.

I've seen a ton of posted signs in my day. This one was unique, almost Wizard of Oz type laughable.  lol.gif

There is a ton of history in this piece. The oldest signature is 1944.

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