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Posted by Coalman , 19 April 2008 · 145 views

Went out with father and daughter this morning. One thing about the honey hole is you have to get there at O dark hundred. The birds roost in hardwoods and without the leaves on the trees can see your approach. As we neared the spot we could see silhouetted birds on the roost against the lighted skyline.

One thing I think helped us get that close is we split up 20 yards apart and walked single file through the field to the roost area. Turkey are used to seeing deer walk in the same fashion.

Courtney was not disappointed. We could here turkeys gobbling close and far. Turn it up.

We counted at least 10 gobbling from the trees.

I would like to be a fly on the wall of the pop up blind next Saturday morning. Good luck Jay and Courtney.

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