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Posted by Coalman , 16 May 2008 · 156 views

Maine Turkey Camp 2008. Day 3.
I made it to my preplanned listening spot right on time. My first hoot was answered by a gobble not 150 yards away. Then things got interesting. Turkey’s started gobbling in front of me, behind me and as far off as I could hear.
I never made a sound till they flew down. I got set up next to the pond. I bet I could have hidden behind the wind rowed leaves. I had no bird in mind. Just call and see what comes.
They all gobbled back to my calls. But the two in front of me were the hottest. I knew one was a jake. But his buddy sounded much better. There was no sweet talk. I laid on the calling hard and heavy. They would not let me finish calling before they cut me off.
In five minutes they were both standing in front of me. I laid the hamma’ down.

I call him my management gobbler. 16 lbs 7” beard and only one spur.˝”

All packed up for the mile hike out. These are my tools of the trade.

The sun was strengthening as I started my journey out.

There was a jake gobbling on the knoll to right when this photo was taken. I blew my crow call at him. I was answered to my left by a long drawn out mature gobble.
Darn…….but there’s always next year.

I smell a tradition in the making.

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