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Posted by Coalman , 16 May 2008 · 162 views

Day 2 Chapter 1.
Since I have been hunting the Log Pile field the landowner has been reclaiming the fields. The Log Pile is gone. The Mustang Blind is now barren mud. The field up tight to the mountain is now twice the size. The brush at the field edge we made a blind in Saturday is now naked next to the skidder. Another 20’ of field was reclaimed Sunday.
This is an old homestead.  There are multiple cellar holes as you enter the field. The granite for the foundations was mined from the top of the mountain. It is good to see the steward’s use of the land.
I stopped at the corner of the field that has been so good to us Monday and built a new blind. Mustang and I saw the WOFG last Saturday about 0700 in the field. I was going to wait him out.
I got into the blind at 0445. Only one turkey gobbled from Boss Hollow. I called on and off but never got an answer. About 0700 a hen came out into the field. She eyed Henrietta, fed a little and disappeared.  About 0900 I got aggressive. Out of Boss Hollow comes four jakes. They go right up and peck Henrietta. They never gobble, they never display. They wandered off the way the hen went. A while later I hear a cluck from the direction the jakes went and look and five jakes are coming to visit with my girl. They never gobbled, they never displayed. The wandered off over the hill. Twenty minutes later they were back.

This time they stuck around and dusted for an hour.

The fifth jake had the most interest in Henrietta. While the four were dusting he finished and came to see if he could get a kiss before he left and then wandered back where he came from.

He never gobbled, he never displayed.

After the four jakes finished dusting they entertained me the rest of the morning. They chased bugs and themselves all around the field. They also checked in one more time about 1100 to see about a night cap kiss. They were clucking and purring like pleading teenagers. They disappeared back down Boss Hollow the way they came.

Note to self: Use the landscape setting went trying to take pictures out of the blind. I got gorgeous clear pictures of the white pine I used to breakup the blind outline.  I had a photo session with those jakes. The flash never bothered them.

The boys are on their way back to Boss Hollow.

This chapter comes to a close after carefully watching the turkey’s reaction in the Log Pile Field for seven hours today and yesterdays hunt in the oak flats. The Log Pile Field and Boss Hollow have an old monarch. It is tough to be a trophy hunter so far from home. I want to chase gobblers. Not play hide and seek with a boss.

Chapter 2.
After lunch at camp I tried to take a nap. That was useless. I needed to reach into my inventory and find some cooperative turkey. I knew a place with sandy soil that tells many stories. There is also a trout brook in this piece. I was going to make this a two for one trip.
The sandy spots were full of hen tracks.

I went past the brook. The road had a lot of scratching. Went back down and fished.. Threatening skies cut fishing short. You could almost see the turkey through the woods.

There is a road junction where I took the turkey tracks photo. Lots of hen tracks going up the road. I did what any respectable turkey hunter would do. I followed the road. I knew this piece from a hunt in 2004. It has a small pond surrounded by very mature white oak. On the first knob I checked the leaf litter under the white oaks was torn up. What a sight. The decision was made where to start Day 3.

The end of day two found me in the camp yard enjoying a night cap before turning in. A sudden tingle in my ear had my instant attention to the mountain on my left. The second gobble confirmed he was on the mountain. The third and finale gobble and I had him pinpointed.
I know where to start Maine Turkey Camp 2009.

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