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Posted by Coalman , 16 May 2008 · 165 views

Maine Turkey Camp 2008 Day One.
It was a long walk into Boss Hollow this morning. I wanted to be early and get into the White Oak Flat Gobblers (WOFG) breakfast table. As predicted he was in Boss Hollow. He didn't gobble much. I heard other turkeys gobbling a long ways away down at the river. I suppressed the urge to move on them. At 0700 I heard a bird gobble close. I called them in. It turned out to be two jakes. They never came closer than 60 yards. They were nervous birds.
Took a walk to the Log Pile Field and hung out. Heard two gobbles way down in Boss Hollow about 9 AM. I went to investigate. From the sound it was the same jakes.
I went back to the breakfast table and did some trolling. About 1115 I get all my gear packed up for the 1 mile uphill hike out. Come around the corner to Boss Hollow and the WOFG just about blows me away with a gobble. He is close.
I get set up as quick as possible. In this time he is gobbling on his own but headed the other way. I start calling and here he comes on a string.
That is until the last 50 yards. I watched him semi circle me and keep going gobbling all the way. I know he saw the decoy. Henrietta’s mojo was not up to snuff. She had a long day.  He walks off gobbling. I get up turn 180 degrees on my tree and start calling again. Here he comes, there he goes. At noon he was still wandering around Boss Hollow gobbling. I called it a day.
My review of day one was I did not see the WOFG. I worked a couple subordinate toms that just didn't want to make the mistake of coming in and finding the boss there already.
Day two will play out my theory.

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