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Me And My "pardner"

Posted by Coalman , 19 May 2008 · 166 views

We don't have too much to report. He's been hanging with me though. Have you ever seen the commercials with the good guy and bad guy on each shoulder? Well I think "Pardner" has been watching too.
Depending which shoulder I hang him on, he is full of suggestions. Move? Stay? This place sucks? Maybe around the next corner?  He's been whispering those things to me since we left Maine.

Friday in the backyard he kept screaming at me. Something about being loud. Couldn't hear him over the highway traffic.

Saturday it was pouring buckets at daybreak. He kept telling me to head north. I listened to his suggestion. We climbed the mountain together in the rain. After an hour on the summit the sun came out. The turkeys never gobbled. Should I trust him the next time?

Sunday was hen and jake day. At least me and my "Pardner" got to see a couple live wild turkeys. But he's been busting me ever since in his horned suit and in my left ear. " Is jake all you GOT ?"

My highlight of the last few days in the woods were comfort and solitude with nature. I have been successful at blending into my environment. Doesn't help though if the turkey aren't gobbling.

Well it is back to work for another week till I get to hang with my "Pardner" again. I hope he comes up with some great ideas for next weekend.  

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