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Posted by Coalman , 29 May 2008 · 164 views

This morning I set in an island in the field facing where I thought they might roost. Henrietta was set up pretty on a little knoll. I was facing a fresh cut field of hay with a freshly planted cornfield to my back.

There is a train switching station across the river. The noise of the locomotive drowned out any chance to hear distant gobbling. The first gobble of the morning I am sure was a jake. Exactly where they were suppose to be. Then I heard the gobble of a mature gobbler from the same roost. They didn't gobble much till.............

Across the river a garbage truck was emptying rubbish containers at a warehouse. When the driver would shake those containers to empty them and started banging them around the roost lit up. I guesstimate 4 jakes and one tom.

Things were getting good. Then I caught movement on my left just in time to see a coyote try and attack Henrietta. About three feet from committing it sensed danger and ran right out into the field under the gobbling turkeys.  sad.gif

On big gobble from the mature bird sent the coyote scurrying back the way it came. The turkeys lit up again from the noise of the train departing. The only other action was a goshawk who tried to snatch Henrietta.

I had time this morning to formulate a plan for tomorrow. I need to get closer. Much closer. There is a small point in the field just before the roost. That is my aiming point. It is getting light at 0400. I need a deer costume.  biggrin.gif

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